CALIFORNIA−On November 4, a passerby documented some election officials collecting ballots in Reseda, California which is a city located in the San Fernando Valley.

Video footage indicates that this was a collection site for ballots. The individual taking the video was asking questions as she documented their actions. There were two officials collecting the ballots at the time. They were working in haste and answering very little.

She was asking about the ballots, indicating that the votes were counted so quickly. “Because these are mail-in ballots,” the first official replied. When asked if he was allowed to do that, and where were they taking them, he answered, flashing his badge and relayed that he was taking them to “the election center.” “Is that in the Government building?” she asked. “L.A. County,” man number one replied.

Election Official Flashes Badge

The second man also had a badge and was more concerned with the woman videoing the whole ballot pick up. He asked her to stay 6 feet away and reminded her that she was not even wearing a mask.

The woman kept her distance letting the election workers know that she was just documenting it.

The state of California was called a Biden win early on November 3. News reports indicate that Biden took eighty-two percent of the vote with 300,278 votes to Donald Trump’s 16.3 percent and 59,832 votes.

Donald Trump had 4,925 votes in Del Norte to Biden’s 3,991. Trump also had 10,695 votes to Biden’s 8,313 in Siskiyou, 2,675 in Modoc County to Biden’s 1,063. Trinity county also had Trump ahead with 594 votes to Biden’s 396. Shasta County had a larger margin with Trump collecting 45,912 votes to Biden’s 24,891. Glenn County shows Trump with 4,390 votes to Biden’s 2,565.

Trump led in Lassen county with 6,182 votes to Biden’s 2,319, and in Tehama County Trump nearly had double the votes than Biden. Trump had 11,777 carrying 63 percent of the vote with Biden taking 6,543 votes, which was 35 percent.

Plumas County also shows Trump ahead with 6,247 votes and Joe Biden 4,465. Sierra County had Trump with 1,121 votes to Biden’s 725. In Colusa County Trump 2,296 votes while Biden kept 1,861. Sutter County shows Trump with 14,359 votes to Biden’s 12,325.

El Dorado County was a closer match. Trump brought in 43,630 votes to Biden’s 42,694. Calaveras County had Trump holding the vote for 13,275 and Biden keeping 8,804 votes. Mariposa County has Trump with 5,330 and Biden with 3,841.

Trump kept 21,834 votes in Madera County and Biden had 17,879. Tulare County shows Trump with 53,034 votes and Biden with 46,559. Kings County has Trump with 19,830 votes and Biden with 15,075.

Kern County shows Trump with 71,254 votes to Biden’s 69,278.
Voters came out in great numbers for the state of California. Even in the larger counties where graphs show that Biden dominated, Trump also had a great presence.

San Bernardino County has Biden in the lead with 273,865 votes, however, President Trump hauled in 202,171 votes in that county. In Fresno County Biden held 147,683 votes and Trump brought in 123,941. Joe Biden’s largest win in California was in Santa Clara County. He brought in 418,893 votes while Trump carried 127,303.

It is not clear how the state’s numbers will change once the additional ballots are counted.