SEATTLE — In another night of demonstrations in Seattle on Wednesday, November 4, seven people were arrested, according to the Seattle Police Department. Groups of protestors walked the streets of the city’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. 

Seattle police reported two groups of protestors. One began its march from Occidental Park and made their way onto the road on 5th Avenue by around 10:07 p.m., according to police’s last update.

First group of protestors approach 3rd Avenue in Seattle (Photo: Seattle Police Department Twitter page).

A second group of protestors began marching on Broadway from East Pine Street. By the time the group reached Mercer Street, Seattle police issued “warnings to the group to move out of the street.” Officers made then the first arrest for property damage.

The march “wound through Capitol Hill” before making its way back to Broadway, police said. The group then moved to Pine Street near the East Precinct of the department. There, police made three arrests: One male suspect arrested for obstruction, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, and two female suspects arrested—one for obstruction, and one for property damage.

Police proceeded to give a dispersal order to the protestors “due to the destruction to property in the area, damage to police vehicles, and continued blocking of a major intersection.” Two additional arrests were made for pedestrian interference and property damage. 

Seattle police denied a report that claimed one individual had died amid the confusion. In a news release, the Seattle Police Department said “officers were arresting the 30-year-old for property damage when the suspect appeared to be experiencing a medical issue.”

“EMT-trained officers, who were already on scene, provided medical aid to the 30-year-old and called for Seattle Fire,” the release noted. “Seattle Fire transported them to Harborview Medical Center for further medical evaluation.”

It is unclear whether the medical issue was related to the arrest — the department’s Force Investigation Team is reviewing the incident. According to police, the individual continues to receive treatment at Harborview Medical Center.