HOLLYWOOD—I warned about 2 weeks ago that the paternity secret on “Days of Our Lives” would turn out this way, and I was right. Nicole was on edge about who could be the father of her baby and the truth has been unveiled. Any guesses? It is EJ DiMera, but there is one problem: Eric’s DNA was never tested courtesy of Sloan. Yup, she withheld that information, which means that Eric is likely the father of Nicole’s baby and that secret will come out later down the line.

Why is this troublesome? A bunch of lives are about to be impacted by this duplicity. Most notably, EJ and Eric, and I don’t see how Sloan thinks she will wiggle out of this without facing some sort of repercussions people. Eric will immediately end their relationship, EJ will be out for blood and want her to pay for her crimes people, and Nicole, who knows where her head will be when the actual TRUTH comes out. I’ll give you a hint: she’ll likely reunite with Eric Brady, her one true love. Gosh, I just wish Sloan would have been honest because Sloan and Eric are great together, and this storyline just comes across so predictable.

Eric was devastated with the outcome, but Sloan was hoping to cheer him up by proposing he have a baby with her. Hmm, maybe, maybe not, it would be interesting if Eric did have a baby with Sloan and then finds out later he is the father of Nicole’s bundle of joy. Think what Liam Spencer encountered on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” With that said, there is still mayhem involving Sloan’s brother, Colin.

Colin still wanted to stick it to Paulina and Chanel Price. Paulina is under the care of a wicked nurse, who just happens to be a major threat to her safety. He dressed as a cop with a badge and planned to use Talia who turned the tables on her lover and found himself arrested by Jada and Rafe. Sloan is trying to barter a deal for her brother, but it looks like the only place he is headed is to jail people.

While this is transpiring, Abe is not himself after being taken from the hospital from Nurse Whitley and he’s being held at her home under the guise that she is his wife Paulina. Abe is getting fragments of his past back, but Whitley is good at making him ‘comfortable.’ I mean Rafe was literally knocking on the door. Paulina is searching for her hubby, but unaware that her nurse is the one holding Abe hostage.

Chanel is attempting to understand Talia’s role in Colin’s scheme and not confessing the truth. Yeah, this is a major mess to be honest people and while it was slightly fun in the beginning, I think I would be more invested in this story if Eli and Lani were part of the mayhem, unfortunately, they are not people. I have no clue what the writers are planning to do with Talia now that she has been exposed. If anything it looks like end game is Johnny and Chanel to reunite.

I want to talk a bit more about the DiMera clan as it becomes clear Megan has plenty of plans in place which include taking over the company empire and that means eliminating anyone who gets in her way. This includes family like EJ and Kristen who have gotten on her bad side. She sent her siblings a message, one that involved a kidnapping and jeez, dare I say Megan might be the worst DiMera since her father Stefano. She is definitely living up to that name. She even aligned with Li, Gabi’s former hubby as leverage to stick it to Stefan and his former flame. The offer was very tempting and it looks like Li is ready to consider it.

In the romance world, Chad has finally taken that step to bid adieu to Abigail nearly a year after her death, by removing his wedding ring. It feels like Alex might be trying to weasel back into Stephanie’s heart putting out there that Abigail will always be Chad’s one true love. Um, yeah, she is, but unfortunately she was murdered and unless the writers plans to deliver another twist of fate that the soap has done so many times you start to say, “Really?” Chloe and Xander shared a kiss, and I feel like this could be the new power couple until the bomb about Sarah’s bun comes out. The kiss was spotted by Leo, who just happened to warn Chloe that Sarah will always be Xander’s true love and he’s right.

Bonnie was frazzled when Xander stopped by and was just mere seconds from spilling the truth and it is only a matter of time before she spills. She told Justin who promised he wouldn’t say anything, but warned Bonnie to stay mum and not to be frazzled by Xander. Maggie of all people, reached out to Xander asking him to take over Alex’s position at Titan, but he refused as he didn’t want to leave Chloe with Gwen at the paper. This is all transpiring as Dimitri attempts to woo Gwen to get married and get his hands on that inheritance. Megan really wants that money and is pushing her son to do right by her to ensure she gets it.

Everything that is going on with Xander really sucks for Chloe who is constantly falling face first in the love department, first with Brady, then with Stefan and now with Xander. C’mon already writers give this woman a break already she seriously deserves it.

Revenge that is the word on the mind of Kate Roberts who wants to get her pound of flesh on Megan and is planning to utilize Harris who has returned to Salem to do just that. Yes, the entire Bo, Hope storyline has simmered down significantly with him being in a coma, so it makes us wonder when this will heat up again. Kate vs Megan that sounds like a very fun battle that I want to see unfold in the coming weeks on “Days of Our Lives.”