UNITED STATES—If there is anything that I cannot stand it is people who are just rude and nasty. Look, I get it that people have bad days it happens to all of us, but that does NOT give you a pass to be an a**hole. When I speak of being rude, this is NOT only how people talk to people it is behaviors that people engage in. You might be saying what do you mean?

One of the rudest things people can do is just cut in front of you or bump into you without saying “excuse me.” That literally drives me bonkers America and I cannot explain why? It just annoys me that people do this and never think twice about what they’re doing. For example, I know has happened to plenty of people at the mall, a retailer or just while running errands.

People are going to walk past you at the mall or at the grocery store, but when you’re getting too close to comfort where you know you’re going to invade the space of someone else, it is a courtesy to say “excuse me.” You do not just walk in front of someone or bump them without extending that courtesy. It shows you’re ignorant and careless to other people’s personal space. That is absolutely the quickest way for me to blurt out an expletive or two. I don’t like doing it, but it happens when you just feel like a person has rubbed you the wrong way.

For a lot of people the term rude, comes with something many people utilize and it becomes a weapon sometimes: our mouths. We speak careless at times and don’t realize how careless language and talk can impact others. Look if you’re having a bad day, take a moment and think about what you will say before you say it. If you’ve ever worked in the customer service industry you know too well exactly how people’s mouth can test you on your worst days.

Sometimes people belittle, disrespect and talk at you in a way that is just ugly and nasty. You have to swallow that pride and just take it sometimes, but it tells you a lot about a person too. If you’re just rude and nasty to people because you think you can be it says a lot about your character. Maybe you are unhappy in life, maybe you’re miserable in your workplace, perhaps you lack empathy, I can keep the list going and going people.

Just because you can be rude, doesn’t give you the right to be rude. Take a moment and catch a breath and think before you react. Not just with your mouth, but your body language and how you respond to specific situations that will NOT always been easy to navigate in your daily life. You might think you’re a perfect, well-mannered individual, but guess what, not all people are going to behave the same way as you.