UNITED STATES—I have been told this time and time again that you cannot worry about what other people do when it comes to the workplace environment, but for me I think that is a load of baloney. There is nothing more that annoys me than a lazy worker. However, something that boils my blood even more is workers that milk the clock. Oh, yes, you know exactly what I am talking about.

The people who ACT like they are working or take a super long time to complete a task that only takes minutes to do; yeah, I’m talking directly to you. This reason workers who milk the clock or work at a slow pace to try to convince the boss they are actually working annoys me because it takes away from the productivity level of all the other employees and workers who give there all.

It is even more annoying when the boss, acts as if that person who is taking there sweet time when it comes to work is being productive. I mean can you NOT see what is going on or do you just not give a damn. Either or it is quite annoying. Why? The people who actually are productive at work get the short-end of the stick while the people who aren’t getting away Scott-free and I absolutely hate it and those are people I cannot work with.

This really annoys me for those who work in the sales industry. It is not fair for someone who is working tirelessly to bring in revenue for the company to be busting their ass to ensure others have a paycheck, and for those lazy, let me take my slow time and act like I’m working supposed co-workers to benefit from someone else’s hard work. This is one of the reasons you see so many companies lose stellar workers and staff members.

They get tired of seeing what they see day-in and day-out. Not only is it NOT FAIR, it is frustrating to see someone give their sweat, blood and tears and not be acknowledged and someone who barely does enough to get by to be praised like they are a gift from the heavens. It is a slap in the face to the employee who is carrying all the weight and that employee ultimately finds themselves in a position where when a new opportunity opens they immediately take it. You don’t want to be at a place of business where your work is not appreciated and others benefit from what you do, but no one around you sees it.

The worst excuse I hear time and time from management, is don’t worry about what others are doing that is my job to handle it. Well dammit handle it! It’s like some people just love to pay people who do absolutely nothing, but the people, who actually put in the work, are torn to shreds if they make one damn mistake. You know why that is? The boss KNOWS who the lifeline to the company is, but they don’t acknowledge that person often, which leads to a situation when the stellar employee puts in their resignation or abruptly decide to quit, they have no idea how to handle the situation.

If you cannot see the writing on the wall in terms of which employees work and those who ‘act’ like they’re working that means perhaps you’re not the boss you think you are or perhaps you should reevaluate your management skills. People take that title of being the boss too seriously and don’t actually fulfill what their duties are: to make sure everyone is working to their fullest potential for the overall success of the company. Not 5 people while 10 others do absolutely nothing. What’s fair about that? That’s the point there is nothing fair about it at all.

For all you workers out there who just love to milk the clock, let be it known your day is indeed coming, and when it hits you it is going to be worse than a ton of bricks, it’s going to be an avalanche that strikes you that you will NOT be able to stop even if you wanted to. Guess what they say in life is true you reap what you sew, but it seems in the workplace it takes much longer for that saying to come to fruition than it should.

Written By Jason Jones