MALIBU—”James Bond” actor, Pierce Brosnan filed a restraining order against Michelle Welch Mulready, 55, who he claims has been stalking him and his family. Brosnan filed on September 30, but Mulready was notified on September 28 that Brosnan would be filing a restraining order. 

According to Brosnan, Mulready has been parking in front of his home stalking him, his guest and his family. She was living in her car since September 5. She was reported to have been looking for the actor, Dick Van Dyke who is also tattooed on her arm and not Brosnan’s family. When she found Brosnan’s home she stayed and parked in front and would not leave. 

In the complaint Brosnan wrote, “when she found me and my family, she stayed in front of our house. She gave me two odd notes, said she needed $1,500 for new tires, and gave me a drawing she did of me.” 

Brosnan called the police multiple times. When authorities arrived they stated they could not arrest her and suggested the actor to file a restraining order.  

Mulready is prohibited from harassing, intimidating or directly or indirectly contacting Brosnan and his family. She must remain at least 400 yards away from his home, workplace, car and his children’s school. It is also stated in the complaint that Mulready has not threatened to harm Brosnan or his family.

An official court date is set for October 25 where they will discuss the possibility of extending the restraining order for another 3 to 5 years.