WOODLAND HILLS–PizzaRev, a fast-casual franchiser of “Craft Your Own” pizzerias has permanently closed many of its locations in San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

“I’m sad that you closed all of your stores in the Los Angeles area, specifically the San Fernando Valley,” a customer left her comment on PizzaRev’s official social media page.

“Yes, we are bummed about it as well. Definitely a hard decision. We appreciate the support,” said PizzaRev. In response to customers’ questions, PizzaRev indicated that they, unfortunately, have closed many of their locations due to the financial impact of the pandemic, and they appreciate customers’ support and understanding.

PizzaRev, which was founded in 2012, features the Craft Your Own pizza process that changes the way customers enjoy their food. Customers can choose from four types of crust and customize their pizzas with various toppings, sauce, and cheese. The other feature available allows the customer to craft every pizza in just a few minutes as PizzaRev aims to let customers know how their food is made, and truly enjoy it.

Nicholas Eckerman, the founder of PizzaRev, opened the first PizzaRev near the campus of Cal State Northridge. After the brand became well-known in Los Angeles, Eckerman added more locations in the United States, but also expanded the business worldwide.

PizzaRev’s roots are in the West, but the company claims that their achievement is to become a “leader of the faster, healthier pizza movement.” PizzaRev has named one of the “10 Brands to Watch” by CNBC and #15 in the 2015 FastCasual.com “Top 100 Movers and Shakers.”