MALIBU—On Monday, January 27, residents protested to the Malibu City Council for immediate removal of overnight vehicles parked on the Pacific Coast Highway at the inland side and the coastal side.

According to reports, about 100 people are living in vehicles near the Malibu Pier beach areas. Most parked campers are homeless or conditioned to vehicle living by hardships and other circumstances.

The decision by members of the Malibu community led to the Los Angeles City Council voting unanimously on Monday to prohibit overnight parking near residential areas, parks, schools and daycare facilities. Thousands of families and individuals living in vehicles will be restricted and forced vacate.

In July 2019, the Los Angeles City Council voted 13-0 as part of a six month extension to expire in January 2020, to prohibiting parking in restricted areas in the city of Los Angeles.

Violators of the parking enforcement are subject to fines and citations up to $75. Initial ticket penalties are $25, a second warning is $50 and each subsequent warning is additional costs.