AMERICA—On Thursday, August 20, the police in St. Louis barricaded some streets to reduce any incidents of violence such as curb shootings and driving accidents.

The residential, business, and entertainment district on Washington Avenue was blocked off to vehicle traffic from 14th Street to Tucker Avenue. There were also lane restrictions placed on other major routes across Downtown of St. Louis. Concrete barriers have been fixed on the South Broadway by Busch Stadium to ease traffic going to one lane. The police have not yet released a list of barricade locations, but informed that the barricades would continue to be implemented between Thursdays and Sundays for the time being.

The Public Safety Director of St. Louis, Jimmie Edwards, told KMVO4 that he believes most of the gunfire is prompted by late-night loitering in parking lots. Edwards added on saying that while the city does not have enough man supply to protect the streets, police officers would begin to issue more tickets for any violation of traffic rules.