UNITED STATES—I have said it before there are two subjects that can cause serious issues: religion and politics. I know religion is decisive, but politics right now is even bigger. It is like the mere mention of politics gets people riled up. As much as I want to chat politics, I’ve gotten to a point in 2020, that I’m OVER IT, I do not want to talk about politics with anyone right now.  It seems like every time you mention it, someone gets fueled with their opinion on the issue and sometimes tries too hard to get you to see their side.

Here is the thing about politics: you cannot shove it down someone’s throat, you just cannot do it. You can present your side, but you cannot expect someone to fully agree with what you’re saying. People have a right to their own opinion or thoughts on politics rather you like them or not. That is the world we live in that is what makes America great: democracy. We have the opportunity of free thought. People are so on edge right now in the political arena just the mere mention of Democrats, Republicans, Congress or the Presidency is enough to send some people into a tailspin. Yeah, we should talk politics, but it should NOT be the thing that leads most of our conversations.

There is so much more going on in this country right now. I mean people are out of work, people are struggling to pay their bills, put food on the table, we have a homeless crisis in a vast majority of the country, children are adapting to virtual school, why are we not chatting about these issues more. Why don’t I hear anyone talking? Everyone seems quiet about those things. Stuff we should have bigger conversations about, we do not talk more about it, but politics, whew, we just have to talk about it and we have to talk about it nonstop.

I just don’t want to have a conversation about politics with every single person that I talk to. It can be exhausting and it has nothing to do with NOT wanting to hear the other side of the coin, it’s just politics can be decisive, no matter how much we would like to think that is not the case, but it is. People get angry, people want to fight, people want to yell, arguments transpire, I mean rarely have a seen people have a conversation about politics that ended on peaceful terms, someone is always angry about something and it creates all types of issues people.

People just can’t agree to disagree when it comes to politics, leaving one side to feel a certain way, while the other side could care less. In essence, nothing was resolved more issues were raised and things remained unsolved, that is NOT a good thing people. You don’t want things to be left hanging; you want to find resolution when you’re talking about the issue of politics with your significant other, a sibling, a parent, a relative a friend or a complete stranger. When you discuss politics you open a door that is very hard to close, like it or not tread careful about what you say, but more importantly how you present it.

Written By Jason Jones