UNITED STATES—On October 23, authorities in Florida arrested Javier Jesus Lopez,25, for his role in the attack of a GOP poll worker, Christopher Monzon. Lopez is charged with aggravated battery and causing great bodily harm to Monzon, which is a second-degree felony. Monzon was transported by ambulance to an area hospital where he is being treated.

According to the Miami-Dade County Inmate Roster, Lopez was booked on a $5,000 bond.  He has an extensive criminal record and was out on bond. If convicted, a second-degree felony in the state can be punishable with up to $10,000 in fines and 15 years in prison. 

Monzon is a Republican and former city council candidate in Hialeah. He was wearing clothing supporting two Republican candidates and walking near Emelia Earhart Park on 140 East 60th Street when Lopez blocked the victim’s path.

He working as a canvasser/poll watcher for the Republican party and crossed the street to avoid Lopez, who followed.

Monzon told police Lopez said, “You can’t pass by here, this is my neighborhood.” He slammed Monzon onto the ground where a second suspect who has yet to be arrested, approached and kicked Monzon in the face as Lopez continued punching him. His eye was completely swollen shut when police arrived.

On October 24, Senator Marco Rubio discussed the attack via Twitter where he mentioned four attackers. 

“Last night, one of our canvassers wearing my t-shirt and was wearing a DeSantis hat, was brutally attacked by 4 animals that told him Republicans weren’t allowed in their neighborhood #Hilaleah #Flordia He suffered internal bleeding, a broken jaw, and will need facial reconstructive surgery,” Rubio tweeted.

Several members of the media referred to the victim as, “a white supremacist” after pictures circulated of him carrying a confederate flag at a rally. The victim has been tagged with a derogatory nickname, “The Cuban Confederate,” for his alleged involvement in the Anti-Defamation League (@ADL).

Monzon was hired as a canvasser for the first day of early voting.

“President of the Miami Springs Republican Club ‘Vince Medel’ — more commonly known as Vincent Medel — appears to be the source of the ‘politically motivated attack’ narrative. Medel is well known to us,” reads a message from the Miami Against Fascism group.

Medel, who is President of the Miami Springs Republican Club reportedly tweeted out a post accusing Monzon of being a “former member of the white nationalist group, Florida League of the South.”