BRENTWOOD—On February 8, Los Angeles County officials notified the that public post-storm recovery efforts had begun. EMS officials are currently surveying the damages caused by the storm.  City workers are on the streets cleaning up debris from the storms.

Reports indicate that at least 59,000 people in Los Angeles County lost power during the torrential rains. In addition, there were 475 reported mudslides, at least a dozen fires, and close to 400 fallen trees. This is only what was reported to city officials.

On February 6, road crews assisted in the removal of a eucalyptus tree that fell on a house on Bundy Drive taking the power lines with it.

On February 7, the Los Angeles Department of Public Health notified the public to stay off of area beaches due to an 8 million gallon raw sewage spill in the area of the Dominguez Channel.

On February 17, Dr. Katherine Pease is leading a beach clean-up effort at Cabrillo Beach. More information may be found on her website.

The following statement is by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Chairwoman, Lindsay Horvath:

“As we begin the recovery process, Los Angeles County is here to support the renters, homeowners, and businesses impacted by the storm.”

In expectation of the storm, Horvath had made a separate statement at the time of the city’s proclamation:

“Los Angeles County is taking action to protect our communities during the storm and to recover from any impacts that may result. This emergency declaration allows us to move quickly to deploy resources, and it aligns with Governor Newsom’s order issued today. The State, County, and the 88 cities of Los Angeles County are working together to keep everyone informed, prepared, and safe. Thank you for staying inside and off the roads.”