HOLLYWOOD—Oh, the penultimate episode of “Power Chapter II: Ghost” was one of the best I’ve seen on TV in recent months. Typically that penultimate episode before the season finale tends to be a bore, but not ‘Monster’ people, it moved everything in the right direction for what is certain to be explosive outcome come next week’s season finale. When I first heard the title of the episode, it really didn’t make sense to me, but by the time the episode concluded it totally made perfect sense.

In simple terms, it’s all about how monsters are manifested by the people who create them. In this case we’re not just talking about Tariq, we’re talking about Cane. You can argue they come from opposite ends of the jungle, but not quite when you think about it. It all starts in class as the student’s debate the novel, “Frankenstein.” Each student has a valid point including Lauren, but then Tariq chimes in with a counterpoint that made perfect sense to me that I never thought of: sometimes a monster is created because of the treatment of its owner or in this case their parents.

Tariq has been stressed to the max between 2bit demanding his money, having to move product for Monet, dealing with Brayden and then paying his mother’s lawyer, Davis; there is no surprise why this kid gets no rest people, how the hell could he. The one aspect of the episode that I found thrilling was seeing this culmination of the relationship between Zeke, Carrie and Jabari. To say a man is scorned would be an understatement in Jabari’s case. He just seems to think with an iron first that Tariq and Carrie are sleeping together. Little does he know its Zeke and Carrie!

Making matters worse is the fact that Carrie just discovered a bombshell while sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong: Zeke is related to the Tejada drug family. Yeah, you’re busted Ms. Milligram and her confrontation with Monet was one for the books. So much for that leverage Carrie? It is sometimes better not to investigate or insert your nose where it doesn’t belong. Someone who should have been on campus met his maker and it should have been left at that, no need to dig any further America.

Nope, because Tariq tied up loose ends with Brayden explaining that Riley was working with her Uncle Cooper to target Tariq. Yeah, Saxe and Davis were busy scoundrels this episode. So much to the point they were planning to set up a former stripper and protégé who Tasha was working for. Thankfully, Paula spilled the tea to Tasha who alerted Tariq who used the money he earned to get Epiphany out of town before she could testify on the stand people.

It was a genius move that helped Tasha and Tariq tremendously, but also blew up in Davis and Saxe’s faces. For this to be an episode about ‘monsters’ it was more an episode about deception and betrayal. Saxe has had evidence all along that Tariq was responsible for murdering his father, James St. Patrick. Why the hell would he sit on it up till this point? Oh, I know because he wanted to nail both Tasha and Tariq at the same time. Greedy little pig, as a result the episode led to a surprise with Saxe demanding that Tariq be subpoenaed to testify on the stand. As a result, panic started to ensue, and Tariq hired Tamika, Saxe’s former confidante to become his attorney. Oh, this is about to be thrilling TV people. However, none of that compared to the drama at the Tejada household with Cane realizing his mother had severed ties with him, Diana being the ‘yes’ person she continues to be and Dru realizing even if he didn’t want to be part of the family business he had not much of a choice.

Cane was ready to eliminate Tariq and to prove it he took out Danilo. Yeah, Cane murdered his mother’s boyfriend and a cop people. If that was not chaotic enough Dru got shot and was near death which ONLY further magnified Monet’s hate and distrust for Cane. When you own mother is issuing a threat to take you out before someone else does it, you should be worried sick America.

With that said, I can see some surprises at this trial and before the episode concludes I suspect a few people will have a date with the Grim Reaper as well. Until Sunday “Power Chapter II: Ghost” fanatics!