HOLLYWOOD—I personally really enjoy shows where everyone has a flaw and it becomes hard to determine who the good guys and bad guys are. Episode four of “Preacher” further blurs the lines between good and evil.

We begin with a suspenseful chase of women in their underwear. A group of men with guns are chasing these partially clad women through the woods at night. Some women are hiding, others are running, and the one particular woman the camera is following has been shot…with a paintball.

The relief from finding out that the opening scene was not as stressful as it seemed to be was short lived as the woman, Lacey, falls into a sinkhole. We then get a little more back story on Jesse as we see Jesse as a little boy helping his preacher father get the church ready for Sunday.

Back in the present time Cassidy tries telling Jesse about the un-killable men from heaven. But Jesse has other plans on his mind and only pays enough attention to Cassidy to comment on his hilarious daytime garb that consists of a huge wide-brimmed hat and a large poncho.

The sheriff is charged with the duty of helping haul poor dead Lacey out of the sinkhole as the other women from the brothel, the men who were chasing them with paintball guns, and Tulip watch on. The accident happened on Odin Quincannon’s, owner of the Quincannon Company, property and he gives a lackluster speech about the death of Lacey that no one except the girls and Tulip really seems upset about.

Jesse goes to Emily’s house to discuss plans on how to get more people to church including having a raffle for a flat screen TV. It pains me a little to see the attraction that Emily has for Jesse that Jesse is so oblivious to. After he leaves he thinks about a moment when he was younger and his father had whipped him in front of his friends for getting caught smoking.

Cassidy meets up with the two guys from Heaven and is able to hustle them for some money with the promise of bringing Jesse to them. Instead of going to Jesse, though, Cassidy uses the money to buy drugs and a prostitute.

The mayor of Annville, Miles, stops by Quincannon’s office to discuss Lacey’s death. I am a little disturbed that Lacey’s death does not seem to be bothering anyone of official importance, and that this meeting seems to be only a courtesy call.

Miles seems to be more interested in discussing the Green Acre Group, a group that has to do with sustainability, and setting up a meeting with Quincannon between the companies. It appears there is bad blood between the companies as Quincannon’s response is to pee inside Miles’ briefcase.

Miles then helps Emily out by babysitting for free and convincing her to let loose with a glass of wine. Emily reminds him they will never be together and then gets prepped to have sex with him, and from her tone this clearly is not the first time.

Back at the brothel Lacey’s wake is happening, but that only sets Tulip off and she yells at the man who had shot Lacey with the paintball gun. The owner of the brothel appears to calm her down, but unbeknownst to her, Tulip goes up to the room the man is in, beats him with a bat and then causes him to go crashing through the second story window.

Or so it seemed to Tulip until she realizes she accidentally just beat up Cassidy and he is now lying naked on a garbage can with a piece of glass sticking out of his neck. I see a love connection that might develop as Cassidy convinces her to kiss him on the ride to the hospital.

Tulip is going to have some questions next episode after finding him sucking blood out of donor bags in the hospital. Jesse’s last flashback of the episode involves seeing his father visit Quincannon and afterwards telling Jess, “Some people just can’t be saved.”

Jesse is able to convince Quincannon, a public figure, to come to church with a deal that Quincannon will get Jesse’s father’s land if Jesse is unable to convert him. Of course, we know where this is headed. Quincannon comes to church and Jesse uses his power to get him to agree to serve God.

Next week we will hopefully get to find out how deep in trouble the two men from Heaven are in as their special phone begins to read. I do not believe these possible “angels” are supposed to be down here on Earth.