PALO ALTO—On June 19, President Joe Biden attended one of four fundraising events held at the Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Nature Preserve in Palo Alto.  President Biden was scheduled to speak on climate change and abortion rights. During his speech, he suffered bouts of confusion first forgetting what year it was and had trouble exiting the stage.

During his speech, Biden made a campaign promise that his administration would conserve 30 percent of US lands and waters that the country had jurisdiction over by the year 2020.

“And maybe most important, I’ve committed by 2020 [2030], we will have conserved 30 percent of all the lands and waters the United States has jurisdiction over and simultaneously reduce emissions to blunt climate impacts,” said President Biden

Reports indicate that Biden’s speech was written by a teleprompter ahead of time and that he got off script. At one point, he attempted to tell a joke that the audience did not respond to.

Toward the end of his speech, Biden appeared to have trouble exiting the stage with Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) helping Biden off the stage. He responded to the 80-year-old congresswoman, “Thanks, Kid.”

President Biden’s visit to Palo Alto was part of a campaign fundraising effort from approximately June 19-24. First Lady Jill Biden had speaking engagements in the Bay Area and was the guest of honor at the Gifford Law Center.  Jill Biden spoke about gun control.  Vice President, Kamala Harris attended a Juneteenth celebration, and the second gentleman, Douglas Emhoff appeared at California State University in Northridge.

The Palo Alto website posted prices for tickets costing anywhere from $6,600 to $50,000, while the top-tier $100,000 “host” tickets (which include a handshake and photo with the president) which were, reportedly, sold out.

While speaking of a “Megadrought,” in the Colorado River Basin, Biden got his words tangled stating:

“Forty million-forty million Americans already drinking water that farmers rely on for — for ingration [irrigation]. And 40 million count on that river and so do the farmers.”