HOLLYWOOD—Well it is about time. Finally, the writers of “Days of Our Lives” have given the great Kristin Alfonso a storyline again and it’s a juicy one. Dr. Rolf, the guy responsible for bringing many Salemnites back from the dead: Vivian, Will, Jack and I’m certain countless others, injected Hope with a drug that has caused Princess Gina to emerge.

How, not a single person in Hope’s orbit could NOT pinpoint what was actually wrong with their pal is ludicrous; Jen noticed it, Will and Sonny, Kate, Jack, Abe, yet no one thought that something funny could have transpired has left me at a loss for words. I mean when news broke of Julie getting Stefan’s heart and recovering from surgery, she shrugged her shoulders. That should have been the clearest sign, but nope, people are so caught up in their own world they don’t see what is right in front of their eyes.

Making the situation worse is Gabi missed a vital clue of Hope not only sneaking into the mansion, but staring intently at Stefano’s photo before stealing it right underneath her eyes through the tunnels. I am really eager to see where this story is headed and what explosive secrets or surprises will be delivered for audiences. Rumor has it that “Days” is doing something never seen in the soap arena before: a massive time jump. Oh, this should be a ton of fun.

Speaking of Gabi, she made the ultimate sacrifice by not only taking Stefan off life support, but donating his heart to Julie of all people, her mortal enemy. I mean Camila Banus has been fantastic on the acting front and if she’s not in contention for a Daytime Emmy in 2020 I will be baffled. I mean she literally forced Lani to beg on her knees, which she did. I at first thought, Gabi was going to tell Lani to break up with Eli if she wanted her to donate Stefan’s heart to Julie.

Nope, she just wanted to see the woman who murdered the love of her life gravel and it was fantastic to watch. Too bad Lani has not spilled that information to anyone else. Will, Sonny, Eli, Kate, Lani and a host of others have tried to be a shoulder for Gabi to lean one, but she is lashing out at everyone and rightfully so. The one person who should be by her side is Rafe! I mean I cannot believe he is so focused on Jordan, David, Ben and Ciara then focusing on his sister who is on a downward spiral. I mean Gabi is considering tinkering with Julie’s potential pacemaker for her heart, just as Lani and Eli move at rampant speed to prepare for their wedding.

This wedding between Lani and Eli will be one to remember and not in the best way. Ben is certain Jordan tried to run Ciara down, just as Victor was ready to place a hit on Jordan’s life at Ben’s request. Hmm, it looks like it was a drunk driver who tried to run Ciara down. I’ve said this multiple times already: if you don’t have a storyline for Ben and Ciara, send them off into the sunset. This damsel in distress crap is boring me to death right now and its being recycled over and over and over again. Not fun one bit for a viewer to watch. The thing we all want to know is who the father of Jordan’s baby is. Will we learn by November sweeps? As a viewer, I hope so.

The other tale of the hour is Nicole discovering that Sarah is indeed pregnant with Eric’s baby. Yes, that secret has been discovered, but Nicole is in a pickle. Xander at first wanted the truth to come out, but realizing it could draw more backlash, he abandoned the mission, but not before Nicole discovered the truth. Here’s the problem: Nicole and Xander aren’t realizing that keep this secret, will only draw Eric and Sarah closer together when the truth is revealed. Eric won’t believer Nicole kept such a secret from him, and Xander will be viewed as a threat, even though he was only keeping quiet on Sarah’s behalf.

That’s not the only baby news as Brady and Kristen got to see first-hand the bun in the oven, just as Jack make amends with all those that he screwed over while proposing marriage to his one true love Jennifer. All of this mayhem, just as Salem or the select few attended the funeral of Stefan DiMera. Let’s just say Lani and Eli’s arrival only pushed Gabi further to her breaking point and I’m living for it. Can’t wait for November sweeps on “Days of Our Lives,” the soap never seems to disappoint.