SHERMAN OAKS—After 15 years of dating, Sherman Oaks couple Joe Gold and Tammy Caplan had a puppet-officiated wedding.

“You’re wondering if it’s legal for Joe and Tammy to be married by a puppet,” the purple-faced puppet told the audience. “Well, just a few days ago, it wasn’t legal. Then I went online, paid $5, and now I’m officially ordained by the State of California as a non-denominational wedding officiant!”

The couple wanted a fun, non-religious wedding, and they turned to the L.A. Puppet School to get it. The couple worked for months to write the script, build the puppets, design the outfits, audition puppeteers, and rehearse.

In addition to the officiant, the ceremony featured five more puppets—including a fuzzy wedding crasher, who ran down the aisle wailing, “Why have you forsaken me? I love you, Tammy!” He was promptly punched in the face by the groom.

There was also a moment for audience participation. While describing the other types of weddings the couple had considered, the officiant introduced Captain Stubing to give a reading entitled “Love.”

There were some laughs as the good captain began, “Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re waiting for you.”

Gathered friends and family joined the wedding party in a sing-a-long to the theme song from the popular TV show  “The Love Boat.”

After reading their vows and exchanging their rings, the officiant gave the couple his blessing.

“And now,” he said, “by the power vested in me by the State of California, and the puppeteer’s hand up my butt, I pronounce you husband and wife.”

The ceremony is available to view on Gold’s YouTube channel.