HOLLYWOOD—The drama continued this week on “Queen Sugar” with its latest episode ‘June 3, 2020.’ Things kicked off with a follow-up to where things ended last week with Charley asking for help from her former husband, Davis.  Davis was beating on the door, but Charley was unable to move or respond. He broke a glass and realized his ex was in major pain. I was under the impression that Charley was suffering from a panic attack, but she has COVID-19. Yeah, things just got real people and damn scary to say the least.

Worst was the fact that Blue was suffering terrible nightmares as a result of that encounter with that White officer who threatened his father with a gun. Blue had a lot going on as he learned that his grandmother was planning for him to attend school at one of the best in the country. Darla had reservations about sending her son to a school where he would have to deal with a ton of pressure, the tokenism and being in a place where he didn’t fully feel like himself.

Nova caught up with Aunt Violet about her relationship with Calvin, where Nova failed to admit there is trouble in paradise. However, when Calvin returned home, the conversation about marriage became front-and-center. Calvin was ready for the journey, Nova on the other hand seemed ready, but had hesitations. Charley was apprehensive of going to the hospital and taking a bed from others who might need it more. Charley if you have COVID-19 and you’re knocking on death’s door, the hospital is the best place for you to be.

Yeah, as a parent, I think it is smart Charley to let Micah know that she’s deathly ill and he should be in your presence if given the opportunity. Violet decided to reach out to Darla’s mother about wanting Blue to attend a top notch school in Washington D. C. The claws came out between Darla’s mother and Violet. Things got quite nasty to say the least which forced Hollywood to intervene and Violet to let out some rage people. Who would have expected that Ralph Angel was ok with Blue being in Washington D.C. to learn. He wanted his son to have options that he didn’t have. Charley’s condition was not getting better people and it was apparent it was taking a toll on her body. Hollywood and Ralph Angel talked about their relationship woos, just as Violet surprised her hubby with a feast set for a king. Hollywood acknowledged that he was struggling and was not in the best place.

Hollywood came up with an idea to continue chatting with his pals online as it was a form of therapy for him, just as he pushed Violet to open up to him about her struggles. Charley seemed to turn a new leaf where her condition was showing signs of improvement. Charley still refused to share with her family her illness, even though Davis seemed to think she needed to disclose details to her loved ones. Blue never shared details about his bad nightmares with Darla or Ralph Angel, who was struggling about what to do with Blue’s future. It looks like next week, the culmination of this decision is about to have major ramifications on this family. Until next week “Queen Sugar” lovers!