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“Queen Sugar” Finale Delivers A Stunner!

HOLLYWOOD—It was a finale alright, I’m referring to the final five minutes of season five of the hit OWN series “Queen Sugar.” The episode,...

“Queen Sugar” Recap: ‘June 3, 2020’

HOLLYWOOD—The drama continued this week on “Queen Sugar” with its latest episode ‘June 3, 2020.’ Things kicked off with a follow-up to where things...

“Queen Sugar” Recap: ‘May 27, 2020’

HOLLYWOOD—This was an episode full of so much emotion on “Queen Sugar” tackling the death of George Floyd with gripping storytelling. The episode, ‘May...

“Queen Sugar” Recap: ‘Early-May 2020’

HOLLYWOOD—I totted last week’s episode of “Queen Sugar” one of the best episodes of TV I’ve seen in the past year chronicling the chaos...

“Queen Sugar” Recap: ‘Mid-March 2020’

HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere episode of “Queen Sugar” set the stage for the impending war between Parker and Charley as the fight to save St....

“Queen Sugar” Kicks Off Season 5

HOLLYWOOD—There is good TV and then there is great TV America, and one of the best is the OWN series “Queen Sugar.” This show...
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