HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “Queen Sugar” was not only the best of the season so far, but one of the best in recent seasons. This week’s episode, ‘Soothing Electrician Vibration’ witnessed Ralph Angel getting used to his new home, just as Darla grappled with her past threatening her future. Back in Los Angeles, Micah was still ignoring text messages and calls from his mother about the NFT he posted online. Zane did his best to take Micah’s mind, but this guy is becoming a bigger and bad influence on the youngster.

Nova and Billie are getting used to their new living arrangements and the besties do seem to get along well, but it looks like Dominic is not returning back to Louisiana anytime soon, and this is going to cause friction in their romance. Hollywood bonded with Dante who has been struggling with bullies in school, and it looks like Hollywood is focused on getting to the bottom of what is going on with Dante at school.

Ralph Angel talked with the farmers about how to sustain their lands and utilizing the mill as leverage for financial gain and Darla would take the reins of managing the mill. Once again Darla’s ability to lead is being questioned, when she has proven she knows a lot more than the actual farmer’s themselves. Micah is realizing that the political atmosphere is a monetary gain in the NFT universe and it looks like the bad influences continue this time with drugs. Let’s just say drugs that he was very hesitant to take, but he did so anyway under peer pressure.

Violet gave Darla all the praise for helping her pies become a bigger revenue source than she imagined and it was a talk from a wise woman that helped Darla realize not to give up on her dreams. Nova received word that her public appearance might be dashed by parents who are not happy with her rhetoric. Darla received a piece of mail from Chase sending her a cease and desist letter. Darla soon discovered that Chase knows where she lives. Darla was suffering extreme anxiety that worried Ralph Angel, as Darla was late for her daughter’s doctor’s appointment.

Nova gave a speech at a school discussing history, musical genres and African-Americans. Darla knew she was spiraling and decided to go to a meeting to get help. She discussed her past in detail something that as a viewer I have been eager to hear. Darla admitted she was almost ready to take a drink, and she was advised to tell the truth to prevent that secret from destroying her on the inside. Micah enjoyed all the attention he was getting, but the celebration soon turned into a moment of facing the music when his grandmother paid a surprise visit leaving him near speechless.

Talk about remorse, Micah realized being in the public sphere was the catalyst of his downfall. Talk about grandma being angry, she was NOT having any of it. The truth hurts Micah and avoiding it does NOT help the situation, and it was his grandmother forced him to realize that he has to be careful with the talent he has. A bit of truth broke Micah down, who realized he is trying to fit in and it’s NOT who he is. That was an honest, brutal scene to watch, but it was riveting TV to say the least people.

Nova was questioning her next move career wise, as the conversation turned to Calvin. C’mon, Calvin was Nova’s heart and if he walks back into the picture trust me that will be a battle of the heart for Nova. Ralph Angel could tell something was bothering Darla and she decided to fess up about going to a meeting. It was tough for Darla to talk about, but her hubby encouraged her to share her truth, but she was not ready. Nova learned that her pal, who is a teacher, is at risk of losing her job and books are being banned, so much to the point that she is ready for another fight.

The ladies celebrated a Bachelorette party to celebrate Sandy’s engagement to Prosper, where so many laughs were shared people, and the same for the Bachelor party, where Ralph Angel was asked to be Prosper’s Best Man. It almost brought him to tears people. The ladies decided to crash the Bachelor party, where Nova was unable to reach Dominic, and Darla and Ralph Angel continued to dance around her inner struggle, that I am screaming inside for her to tell Ralph Angel. Oh, next week is looking like the episode that should not be mixed. Until then “Queen Sugar” lovers!