HOLLYWOOD—Does anyone remember that cliffhanger of “The Oval” where Lily got shot, but Donald also got shot in the process? Well, answers to those questions became evident this week with the season four premiere, ‘The Package.’ The presidential drama that ended with Hunter showing up at the residence where Richard, Barry, Nancy, Kareem, Sharon and Dale were hunkering down in, picked up with that cliffhanger people.

Grip, Allan and Priscilla found themselves at a standoff, as Priscilla was not willing to drop her gun and Grip was forced to put his gun down, and Allan found himself in a dire situation. Oh, this is tense people. Priscilla is not one to play around with people. Priscilla staged a scene, but it was a tumble over the railing that did serious damage to Allan and Grip. Allan managed to get up and escape with Priscilla’s assistance.

Nancy was stunned to see President Hunter Franklin in her home, and the shocked look on Dale, Sharon and Kareem’s face said it all. Sharon had plenty of attitude and spoke her mind, and Sharon asked the tough questions: if you lost your son, why are you here? He spun the story about coming to visit Richard and Nancy realized the POTUS was up to no good people. Nancy stop acting star struck, this man just walked into your house unannounced. The gall on this man people!

Per usual Nancy’s nosy neighbor wanted evidence on the POTUS in her neighborhood and the laughter I got from that scene was worth it people. Bobby and Kyle had a shootout, where it became evident that Kyle was out of bullets and Bobby was ready to put a beating on Kyle for what he did to Lily, but instead he placed his foe under arrest, and it’s apparent these two have history. Kyle was blindfolded as Bobby delivered a few brutal punches to the stomach.

This is the good aftermath, of Lily and Bobby being shot. Lily was shot in the shoulder, Donald was shot in the chest people. Donald was adamant about not allowing Lily to seek medical treatment, gosh, I cannot wait to witness Donald receive his comeuppance it is so long overdue people. Alonzo is realizing that his entanglement with the POTUS is not a good thing. Sharon, Kareem, Dale and Nancy talked about their latest predicament.

Back at The White House, Victoria received a stunner when she learned from the doctor that an autopsy was performed on Jason and she was concerned about what she did being exposed. The doctor revealed that Jason had cancer and he wouldn’t have lived under the circumstances. Hmm, something is not clicking here people. Richard met with Max who gave him an update on Sam’s condition. One piece of good news, Sam is very much alive and he revealed that he helped fake Jason’s death to prevent Victoria and Donald from getting away with their crimes. Sam alluded to the mystery as the package, and explained NOT A SINGLE PERSON CAN KNOW.

Priscilla and Allan were on the run, and he was a bit frustrated that she would not share details on what she knows, which worried Allan if there was a way out. Too bad Priscilla has no idea that her husband was shot and in surgery fighting for his life. Another call was made to Eli, and Allan was starting to spiral to the point where he became annoying not just for Priscilla, but for the viewers also. Kyle taunted Bobby to the point that he delivered a wicked gut punch. Lily was strapped to a gurney, as Donald discovered he was quite drugged up, and expected to survive. Donald received a call from Grip where he discovered his plan to take out Allan and Priscilla blew up in smoke. Donald was not happy, but it became clear when Donald is not in control he spirals. So Priscilla and Allan came to Richard’s place? I guess this is the new hideout place people, and Nancy finally managed to get in touch with Richard to alert him that Priscilla needed to talk to him and that President Hunter Franklin showed up at their home looking for Sharon.

Man, things are spiraling like crazy, and I mean this is a ton for just one episode. Richard alerted Priscilla that Sam was shot and in surgery. It hit her like a ton of bricks. Richard warned his pal to stay at his place and he’d clue her in on everything that is up. Richard showed up at the hideout per Sam’s request and he came face-to-face with Sam’s allies and discovered the package was non-other than Jason Franklin (just as I suspected people)! I am SO GLAD my Tuesday guilty pleasure is back people! Next week, Jason is awake, Hunter is up to no good, and Max puts a beating on Kyle, until then “The Oval” fanatics!