HOLLYWOOD—The tension is continuing to build on the final season of the drama “Queen Sugar.” This week’s episode, ‘Spaces Fill’ saw things kickoff with Darla teaching Ralph Angel how to swim, but bad news echoed for the married couple as they learned Blue might be suspended for his actions in the classroom. Billie got an eyeful seeing her father get a lot cozier with his new lover.

However, Violet was concerned when social services made a stop by her diner looking for Joaquin and the wise one covered for her employee, but she was indeed concerned, as she learned that Joaquin’s mother had been deported back to Mexico. Violet being Violet took Joaquin and her brother to her place to be their protector. Man I love this woman; she is a fierce fighter for the people that she loves.

Ralph Angel devised a plan to help regain the land of one of their own just as Micah was feeling a bit of cold air with the new guys when it comes to selling his art as an NFT. Zane looks like to be exposing Micah to earn a buck, but our undergraduate is seeing Zane may not be the guy he thought. Whoa, Blue hacked into the school’s server, just as Darla explained to her son his actions were not appropriate. Yeah, most schools would expel you in a heartbeat for hacking the server system.

Blue pushed to his principal that there are things about Black history that should be taught in the classroom that are being ignored by the faculty; Darla is just as intelligent as her son people. Hollywood was not pleased to have more houseguests, but Violet made it clear those boys were not going anywhere. Billie and Vince came to an understanding, just as Ralph Angel bonded with his cop pal from his past as they discussed fatherhood.

Darla ran into a friend from D.C. who was bringing up a past that Darla did NOT want to discuss. Whoa, Darla was sexually assaulted and then discovered that the man who might be Blue’s father is running for political office. Oh, this could become very messy people. Sam Landry made threats towards Ralph Angel and Nova per usual, and I’m hoping that Violet drops that bomb of information that she is holding on Sam and Parker. Violet is the VIP of the episode people as she found herself defending Billie from a gossipy friend from the past.

Micah don’t give into temptation! Billie don’t force Vince to give you an ultimatum if you’re not ready to make a decision! Micah really? You gave into temptation to earn a sale and exposed your mom? How do you think Charley is going to feel when she sees this out in the social media sphere? Prosper proposed marriage to Sandy who happily accepted. With all the love in the air, I was certain there was about to be a mood killer people, but not this time around. Now next week looks good because Nova’s secret about the movie comes to light, Ralph Angel is placed in a pickle as a result of new houseguests and things are reaching a feverish pitch. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!