HOLLYWOOD—Well talk about the aftermath of that vote in “Survivor 43” as Owen apologized at the fact that his name was considered. Dude, this is “Survivor,” anyone can go home at any given time. Elie seems to be masterminding things, and I still cannot believe that Gabler did NOT play his idol. However, if Tribal Council comes up again, I would vote his ass out. This week’s episode, ‘Lovable Curmudgeon’ witnessed brutal weather that soaked them and left Baka nervous, considering they also did NOT have fire or a suitable shelter was not a good sign.

Over at Vesi, Dwight and Jesse were searching for potential advantages in the game, which was good for Jesse who attempted to bond more with Dwight who he considered a lone wolf. It was apparent that Cody and Dwight don’t bond at all and there is some friction building between those two. That ball of energy that is Cody doesn’t impress Dwight, but Jesse finds it hilarious. However, Jesse is not connecting with Justine. The Vesi tribe has a ton of friction amongst themselves.

Over at Coco, looks like the unity on the tribe is the strongest, but Karla realized there are indeed divisions in the tribe: the girls plus James, then you have Geo and Ryan. Karla realized that Ryan is quite close to Geo and that worried Karla. Bit jealous people? Geo sharing his tale of coming out to his parents and not having that support broke him, but his story was so inspiring to hear. Cody sharing his tale about his best friend who suffered from cancer and lost his leg and later died, helps the audience better understand why he lives his life the way that he does. We’re getting a lot of character development in these first two episodes of “Survivor 43” and I love it.

So Elie was idol hunting and she literally passed up a clue to the idol, with Jeanine, who has a nasty bruise on her chin people. Elie has a bit of an ego that just rubs me the wrong way, she talks down to people in a degree and it is annoying people. Sami, Gabler and Owen realized they had the numbers, because Elie and Jeanine’s thought process of the men not playing the game was a wrong assumption, it looks like voting out Morriah was a mistake for Elie and Jeanine?

Ok 30 minutes in and we have the Immunity Challenge; something definitely has to be up in this episode because we still have an hour to go. So this also comes with a reward, supplies for fishing. Yeah, “Survivor” does NOT make these challenges easy for the contestants, with Baka having a strong lead, but Coco and Vesi also making leeway. Baka dominated the challenge securing safety, then having Coco right behind, sending Vesi to Tribal Council tonight and I honestly think I can see anyone head home people.

Cody realized that Nneke struggled in the challenge, and Noelle and Justine realized that this lady was not pulling her weight in the challenge. Their goal was to keep the tribe strong and Nneke came to the fruition that she was in danger, but why in the world are we shifting the narrative to Baka and their fishing expedition. Jeanine was searching in Gabler’s bag, and I have to admit that was damn annoying. Like searching thru someone’s personal belongings is a big no-no, even if you want to confirm details about an idol, it’s just an invasion of personal space.

Damn, I forgot that Dwight doesn’t have a vote, and Justine was working to get Cody on board to take a shot at Nneke, Cody and Jesse wanted to target Justine who is not good at holding her cards close to her chest. Jesse disclosed to Dwight that he is afraid of Justine who has a huge threat level. Cody went hunting for an idol and he discovered the beware advantage, that requires Cody to have the beads of each player and has to use his social capital to make it happen, however, without a those beads, Cody has NOT VOTE at the upcoming TC.

Hmm, it might not have been smart to take that advantage Cody, because it you and Dwight cannot vote, that means ONLY 4 votes will be cast at the TC and that means, a tie and that means things could be messy and we could see a rock draw that is a game changer people.

Cody just realized that he needed Jesse’s assist if he wanted to make this happen, but Jesse was livid that his pal didn’t realize that the Beware Advantage would be so dangerous. Cody did some up with a neat move by utilizing his hat and getting beads from everyone, however, Dwight and Noelle were difficult, Dwight caved, but Noelle wanted her bracelets people, so I have no clue what is about to unfold. Tribal Council is underway and Justine pointed out all the allegiances in the tribe: Justine and Noelle, Dwight and Jesse and Nneke and Cody. Jeff questioned Dwight about him revealing that he lost his vote.

This is an intriguing TC as I have no idea who could be getting the boot people. So the votes were read and it was between Justine, Nneka, Cody and a flashback revealed that Noelle of course gave her beads to Cody and Dwight and Noelle were shocked to see Justine booted from the game. Hmm, something tells me Dwight knows that Jesse betrayed him and he was NOT HAPPY people. I can easily see Dwight and Noelle aligning and considering he knows that Cody has an idol they can blindside him or one of his allies. Oh, I cannot wait till next week’s episode of “Survivor” people!