HOLLYWOOD—I knew Nova was flirting with disaster when she decided to connect with a past flame and friend on “Queen Sugar” last week. This week’s episode, ‘Whisper to Us’ watched Nova realizing her past is just as strong if NOT stronger than her future. Violet and Hollywood were getting used to being empty nesters, and while difficult for the couple they know Dante and Joaquin being reunited with their father is the right thing people, just as the notion of fostering children came to light.

Ralph Angel was still hot at the fact of Chase being in the same vicinity of Blue. Darla was not willing to spill that information to Blue about his true lineage. Darla was the MVP in last week’s episode, taking back her power that Chase took from her. Hollywood, Ralph Angel, Micah and the other men in Saint Joseph were ready to step up to help the kids that are struggling to find their way in a difficult system that is strained and more of a challenge than ever in the current day and time.

Nova admitted when she was outed by her family it changed her relationship with her parents and the woman who she loved who she left behind. Hollywood spoke some truth to Ralph Angel, just as Micah attempted to reconnect with that farmer who questioned the pictures he took in the past and his homophobia. Seeing this man from an older generation acknowledge his ignorance and hate, and his aim to change was a powerful moment people.

Whoa, this was a moment I was not expecting; Darla giving Nova the permission to take her book and turn it into a movie. Darla was no longer being haunted by her past and was making strides to rise from the ashes. Nova was preparing her speech to deliver to the school board and her pal explained she has to have a slightly softer approach when addressing some of the parents who may not love her message.

Violet certainly is blowing up on social media as her pies are becoming more and more popular by the minute. She received a proposal about placing her pies into stores in Louisiana. Violet you can cook girl and you are seeing the benefits of your hard work. The school board meeting got heated as two sides were facing over what is being taught in the classroom.

This is a hot button issue that people need to take a closer look at the fact that hiding the past from children in the classroom helps no one. America has an ugly history and rather we like it or not that truth has to be told to prevent the past from repeating itself. The school board voted to ban books addressing race, sexuality and anything considered controversial. This prompted Hollywood of all people to run for the school board. Oh, this is getting juicy and exciting America in the best way possible.

Micah finally realized after parting ways with Zane his vision was clear about what he wanted to do. Micah stood his ground and refused to continue to entertain Zane and his antics who showed up at photo exhibit anyway. Zane looked a bit defeated with that speech Micah gave, just as Ralph Angel shared a bit with Darla about his high school upbringing. Ralph Angel and Darla were concerned after discovering that Landry might be up to some shady dealings yet again. Violet connected the dots and realized that the land belonged to her pal Betty and what Sam is up to and she plans to see her pal face-to-face to get to the truth of things.

Sam and Violet have always kept secrets about the past that I have been dying to discover the truth to. Now it looks like that truth is about to FINALLY come to light and I’m all for it people! Micah held a small impromptu gathering to showcase his photos. Darla and Ralph Angel got some inside scoop on a politician who has been up to dirty dealings and the tea they got was epic people. So much to the point that it would change everything. Landry has NOT being paying taxes on his property and has been getting waivers for years and the truth is about to be exposed people. Next Tuesday cannot come soon enough “Queen Sugar” lovers!