WESTWOOD—Flyers advertising a “white student group” that were found on the campus of UCLA Monday, Nov. 14, promoting racist rhetoric have been removed. UCLA officials noted the culprit was likely not associated with the university and no such group exist on campus.

Other campuses have seen similar events in recent days, including Southern Methodist University, according to the New York Magazine. Flyers were also found at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Michigan.

“Other universities, including San Francisco State University, the University of Albany and University of Buffalo, saw this flyer appear on campus in the past week, and it showed up at the University of Iowa in October. It is not known if these fliers are related to last week’s presidential election,” stated an article in The Davis Enterprise.

UCLA spokesman Tod Tamberg indicated the flyers were removed by UCLA maintenance workers.

The flyers which were found on campus stated:

“Recent rhetoric and ongoing riots have highlighted a danger to white Americans. The governmental strategy in recent decades has been an embrace of minority groups. Appeasement is a strategy that history has shown only emboldens the belligerents, ultimately leading violence as recently seen. We are a group interested in discussing what can be done in context of upcoming governmental shifts to counteract these hostile elements, encourage the enforcement of our borders, and start pursuing an agenda that is in the best interest of white Americans.”

The Daily Bruin reported in Nov. 2015, that campus administrators planned to remove a Facebook page claiming to be a “white student union” at UCLA.

This is not the first time in recent months that flyers have caused controversy on the Westwood campus. In April, the Daily Bruin reported flyers disparaging individuals associated with the Muslim Student Association and Students for Justice in Palestine as being hostile to Israel were posted on campus by conservative activist David Horowitz.

University of California President Janet Napolitano and the chancellors of UC’s 10 campuses released the following statement on Nov. 9 after the presidential election results were unveiled:

“Diversity is central to our mission. We remain absolutely committed to supporting all members of our community and adhering to UC’s Principles Against Intolerance. As the principles make clear, the university ‘strives to foster an environment in which all are included’ and ‘all are given an equal opportunity to learn and explore.’ The University of California will continue to pursue and protect these principles now and in the future, and urges our students, faculty, staff and all others associated with the university to do so as well.”