HOLLYWOOD HILLS—More than 50 RV’s were being removed from Forest Lawn Drive in Hollywood Hills on Wednesday, December 6, as part of Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass’ Inside Safe Program. Bass signed the Executive Directive back in December 2022.

The Inside Safe Program is aimed to help those encountering homeless to get into stable housing. Inside Safe will assess street homelessness across Los Angeles and proactively engage with people living in tents and encampments based on which locations are chronic and where people are most in crisis.

Inside Safe will support the following five goals:

-Reduce the loss of life on our streets
-Increase access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for those living in encampments
-Eliminate street encampments
-Promote long-term housing stability for people experiencing homelessness
-Enhance the safety and hygiene of neighborhoods for all residents, businesses, and neighbors

The city is working to remove makeshift encampments that have been littered throughout the area in recent years. There were dozens of RV’s on the street for more than two miles on the road.

Andrew Rindge informed reporters that people were informed a few days earlier that they were going to “clean the whole area.”

“There was nothing written down or anything, just people coming from the city and telling them they had to leave,” Rindge told ABC 7 Los Angeles.

The portion of Forest Lawn Drive that was being cleaned up was closed to traffic as the vehicles were removed.