SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Public Library will be offering the Read-Away Your Late Fines program starting Monday, April 16 for youth (0-18 years), who have a SMPL card to pay down overdue fees in exchange for time spent reading (or being read to) at any SMPL location.

According to the city of Santa Monica website, while reading, youth will earn “bucks” which can be used to pay down fines. They can earn one buck for every 15 minutes read and earn five bucks for reading 1 hour. The program does not apply to lost items and replacement fees.

“The Read-Away program will help our youth readers eliminate their fines while engaging in something fun – reading!  If you haven’t come to the library in a while, we want you back. If you are new to Santa Monica, come join us,” said Patty Wong, Director of Library Services.

The Read-Away Your Late Fines program is in collaboration with Fine Free youth cards, starting July 2. SMPL will halt charging overdue fines to youth cardholders when they return materials late. The change applies only to overdue fines. Charges related to lost or damaged materials will continue to apply. The Santa Monica Public Library is wheelchair accessible. For disability-related accommodations, contact the Library Administration at (310) 458-8606.