UNITED STATES—Writing essays is a pay in the neck, and it’s one of the top things that students dislike about college. Even though today, students have all the help available at their fingertips and can easily turn to an online paper writing service to write my essay with native writers, this task remains their least favorite. Writing essays is hard work, but with the number of essays required by courses rising as schools become stricter about how they evaluate student work, the amount of writing that students need to do can be overwhelming. In fact, it can lead students like you to want to pay someone to write a paper for you just to keep up with the demands on your time and energy. So what is driving students to turn to essay writing services rather than produce their own papers? Here are the top 7 reasons that students hate to write papers in college.

  1. Students feel uncomfortable writing. Many students don’t like writing because they feel uncomfortable with the writing process due to a lack of preparatory work. Many high schools don’t do a good job of teaching the writing skills necessary to produce college level essays, so students come to college without the skills they need to produce high quality papers. When students don’t feel comfortable with writing, they are less likely to enjoy the writing process and more likely to see their discomfort as a symptom of an underlying hatred of writing.
  2. Students have weak grammar and spelling skills. No one likes to look stupid, but many students turn away from writing because they are afraid that their lack of grammar and spelling skills will make them look bad. When students need to write but worry that they won’t be able to sounds as smart as they really are, they may develop a fear or hatred of writing.
  3. Students don’t feel that they need to write. If you are an English major, you certainly expect to write a lot of papers, but if you are majoring in a subject other than English, you may feel that writing isn’t relevant to your major. Many students in business, computer science, mathematics, and other technical topics often argue that essays aren’t essential to their learning because they work with numbers and data, not words. If students don’t understand why writing is important, they may decide they hate writing.
  4. Essay topics don’t feel relevant. Today’s students are more likely to be able to name all of the Kardashians than they are the Founding Fathers. For many students, the topics they are asked to write about aren’t just boring; they feel completely irrelevant to their daily lives. Students are less likely to be engaged and feel enthusiastic about writing essays if the topics don’t seem to contribute directly to their own lived experiences or to deliver useful information that can improve their daily lives.
  5. Writing is subjective. For many students, finding the right answer is the goal of a homework assignment. But writing assignments are challenging because there isn’t usually one clearly right answer. Instead, writing is about forming an argument and defending a point of view. This can be difficult for students to grasp because of the difference between the subjective nature of written arguments and the objective nature of most high school multiple choice tests.
  6. Revising can be repetitious and exasperating. The writing process can be quite boring, but the revision process is even duller. Going back through work you’ve already done to pick out small errors and make minor changes can be incredibly boring, but when an instructor demands more changes and revisions, going back to do the same work a third or even fourth time can be exasperating since students aren’t learning anything new but are often making cosmetic changes to meet an instructor’s demands.
  7. Students don’t understand the work. Finally, one reason you might want to hire someone to write a paper for you is that you can’t understand what you are supposed to be writing about. Now that syllabi are tens of pages long and assignments are often the length of legal briefs, or short to the point of lacking detail, it can be hard to understand exactly what an essay is supposed to be about. This often is the result of a mismatch between what professors assume about students and what students really know. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if the directions are confusing or the assignment is unclear or vague.