MALIBU—A red flag fire warning has been announced for the Santa Monica Mountains. The warning is scheduled to last from Friday, October 13 to Saturday, October 14. The National Park Service (NPS) declared a red flag alert over the mountains in what has been one of the most devastating fire seasons in California history.

The Santa Ana winds, which are billowing over the state caused many fires, and are headed to Los Angeles and Ventura counties. Residents who live in areas near the Santa Monica Mountains have been warned of the incoming danger.

The Santa Ana winds, which have been called “moderate to strong” by the National Weather Service, have collided with dry vegetation, low humidity and warm temperatures igniting fires. Offshore winds, which have been cooler, have kept the danger of fire in the area at bay for a time. They will be replaced by onshore winds, which has resulted in the red flag alert.

The National Weather Service stated that the sheer strength of the winds could be dangerous, noting “winds this strong may [put] down trees and power lines, causing property damage or power outages.”

The wildfires have led to over 35 deaths in the state, with a number of individuals being reported missing. A red flag warning was issued earlier this week.