SAN FRANCISCO−Redwood City has removed a Black Lives Matter sign from Broadway Street in Redwood City after a Trump supporter requested to put a MAGA 2020 sign on the same street.

A local resident, Dan Peace was granted permission to paint the Black Lives Matter sign in time for the Redwood City July 4, Art Festival.  The city also provided the yellow poster paint. Video footage shows Peace explaining that permission was granted with the understanding that the sign would be there as long as the paint lasts.  Being that it was poster paint, it would eventually wash off.

On July 12, Real Estate Attorney Maria Rutenburg requested permission from Redwood City to paint her own sign on the same street just ahead of the Black Lives Matter sign.  Her sign would read, “MAGA 2020.”

Redwood City is a San Francisco Bay Community in Nancy Pelosi’s District.

News reports indicate that Rutenburg did not ask to have the BLM sign removed. She asked for equal space on the same street that was being used as what she called a “public forum” to paint her own sign. According to Rutenburg’s Facebook posts, her request was met with hateful comments and threats from members of the BLM group.

Rutenburg’s request was not granted or denied by the city. City officials reportedly scrubbed off the Black Lives Matter sign in the middle of the night, publicly calling the sign, “A distraction for drivers.”

Social media was full of opinions and slams from both sides of the issue. President Trump left his comment in response to the YouTube video indicating that It should not be legal to put a political sign on the street.