MALIBU—On Thursday, April 18, the city of Malibu announced on its website it is gathering community feedback regarding the future uses of five community lands. The program aims to ensure the spaces will align with the diverse needs and desires of Malibu’s residents.

The city of Malibu reported on its website that it partnered with FlashVote, a reputable third-party platform renowned for its expertise in collecting statistically valid community input. Malibu is asking all community members to sign up for FlashVote to share input and participate throughout this process.

Participants will receive a short one-minute survey every few months and will get to see full survey results within two days. FlashVote ensures feedback received is always anonymous. To join the conversation, visit the Flashvote website or call 775-235-2240 to participate by phone or text only.

FlashVote offers a user-friendly interface accessible via email, text or phone so participation is convenient and accessible to all residents. FlashVote will help streamline the feedback collection process and maximize participation from the community.

The city of Malibu is planning upcoming community meetings and pop-up events, including face-to-face interaction and feedback on the Malibu Community Lands.

For more details and to stay informed, visit the dedicated website at