MALIBU—Residents can sign up now to receive a free smart sprinkler through the Malibu Smart water conservation program, which offers homeowners resources to save money and decrease their water use amidst the challenges of climate change, drought and limited water supplies.

“Water is one resource that we literally can’t live without, and in California the challenges of drought and climate change make water conservation crucial,” said Mayor Paul Grisanti. “Malibu loves water and the environment, so these water-saving tools can help residents do even more to conserve.”

According to the city of Malibu, Malibu Smart, a partnership between the city, Los Angeles County Waterworks, and the West Basin Municipal Water District, recently expanded the program to offer eligible Malibu residents a free smart sprinkler timer and installation services.

The smart timer, valued at $200, allows sprinklers to be controlled from a smartphone and automatically adjusts water levels based on local weather conditions. It conserves water by reducing evaporation during hot temperatures and reduces water waste by pausing irrigation during rain. The program offers free installation services, valued at $300. Timers are available for a limited time on a first-come, first-served basis. To learn more or sign up, visit the Water Smart website at:

Malibu Smart program is aimed to help residents and businesses save 28 million gallons of water annually through rebates for water-saving technologies and installation of drought-friendly landscapes. The program offers residents a variety of firescaping resources.

In addition to the smart sprinkler timers, Malibu Smart’s incentives include rebates for purchasing and installing water-saving technologies, including high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles, toilets and washing machines, rain barrels, and cisterns. A $5 per-square-foot Grass Replacement rebate is available to incentive decreasing water-intensive grassy lawns. The details and requirements about all of the Malibu Smart rebates and incentives are available at

To make it easier for residents to incorporate Grass Replacement into the post-Woolsey Fire rebuilding work, some requirements for the Grass Replacement rebate were waived for residents whose properties were impacted.

For more details or to apply for a rebate, visit, call 310-554-6210, or email