PACIFIC PALISADES—Pacific Palisades residents have launched complaints regarding the city’s use of Roundup, a herbicide with potentially harmful health and environmental effects.

Residents voiced their concerns regarding reports that suggested the weed-killer could potentially be a carcinogenic link to Parkinson’s disease, cancer, autism, and bee and monarch die-offs to the Palisades News. The publication published a story on the herbicide earlier in the week, making the community’s concerns public.

Pacific Palisades Councilman Mike Bonin backed the community’s concerns and said he wanted the city to look into alternative weed-killing solutions.

Roundup, manufactured in Monsanto, was sprayed in the bluffs under Via de las Olas and El Medio, and on the sides of lower Temescal Canyon Park in April, as part of a routine practice that transpires twice a year.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, gysophate, the weed-inhibiting component in Roundup, has been classified as “practically non-toxic.”

According to the Palisades News, the complaints initially arose April 26 and Pacific Palisades Recreation and Parks officials have since agreed to stop using Roundup while alternatives are being explored.

“I greatly appreciate that the Department of Recreation and Parks was so responsive to neighborhood concerns,” said Bonin. “But we need to start looking at other alternatives to using this potentially dangerous chemical in neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles,” he added.

The community’s concern regarding the herbicide will be taken up in the City Council’s Arts, Parks, and River Committee.