HOLLYWOOD—We were teased last week that a major player on the series “Revenge” would be biting the dust this week.  So during the winter finale which character bid adieu to The Hamptons forever? It was Daniel Grayson! Yep, the show went there and murdered a major character just as his storyline was heating up big time. Before we discuss the aftermath of Daniel’s death let’s rewind a bit to decipher what led to his demise.

The episode opened with Victoria having a screaming match with David about Malcolm Black coming after him and her family, which led to the duo calling a truce. Daniel wanted to reform his life after learning that he would soon be a father. His attempt to mend fences with Margaux didn’t work out as he planned. Nolan and Emily did their best to discover just who Kate Taylor is, which led to Emily breaking into her hotel room to gather evidence on her new enemy.

Our heroine was rattled to discover from Ben that Jack was hooking up with Kate, which led to Emily warning her former flame. Nolan continued to rebuild his relationship with Louise, but I have to ask, just what does he get out of this? The bulk of the episode, now that I reflect back foreshadowed Daniel’s death. The multiple flashbacks of Danny and Conrad proved Daniel was a good man who found himself corrupted by his father’s wicked ways. He wanted to do well, but that little bug in his ear said otherwise. David paid a visit to an old friend to obtain a dangerous drug; I knew David was up to no good, but what he had planned was just devious. Kate decided to pay the Queen Bee a visit to get the goods on Emily Thorne. I couldn’t believe the FBI was afraid of the ice queen. Jeez is there anyone this woman hasn’t instilled fear into.

The big mystery surrounding just who Malcolm Black is loomed; we know he’s quite wealthy and David stole funds from him. Margaux confided in Vicky about her pregnancy, as mother bear did her best to put in a good word for her son. At Nolan’s re-opening for his club, Emily devised a plan to get her clutches on Kate’s phone for Nolan to do his work; there was one slight problem: Kate busted her enemy. She weaved a tale of trying to escape her boss and rescue her mother. Emily bought the tale, but as a viewer we knew she wouldn’t be that stupid.

While his daughter was off trying to save her dad, David had other plans as he drugged Victoria’s wine. Was David really going to kill his lover? It sure looked like it. As Victoria was about to drink the wine, her conscience finally caught up with her. She confessed all! Yes, she informed her lover that she betrayed him and she felt relieved after doing so. Wow, David was left speechless by the admission. Kate paid a visit to Emily’s abode, where accusations led to an epic battle royal, where our hero met a formidable foe.

Jack and Nolan were celebrating until Jack learned precisely who Kate truly was and rushed to Emily’s home, so did Daniel who heard the commotion. Kate prepared to take out a wounded Emily, but Daniel jumped in taking several bullets for his former wife. How noble. Before Kate could finish the job, Jack fatally shot the woman he just bedded. Wow, this guy has no luck in the love department.

As Daniel succumbed to his final moments, Emily confessed her feelings to her former hubby. Victoria and David heard the gunshots and rushed to Emily’s abode. Just like that a major player has departed the show once again. This sets an interesting stage for narrative for the series, as Victoria will be desperate to avenge her son’s death, Emily will want vengeance and many people will want questions answered. Enjoy the rest of 2014; “Revenge” isn’t back till January 4, 2015!