HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Revenge” knocked fans off the sofa with the departure of antagonist Victoria Grayson, played deliciously by actress Madeleine Stowe. The actress has already revealed that she won’t be returning for a season five if the series gets renewed, which doesn’t seem likely if you ask me. So with only two more episodes left for the season, ‘Aftermath’ moved the narrative to a direction of swan song, with a shocking cliffhanger.

Victoria is dead, and everyone suspects that Emily Thorne aka Amanda Clarke is responsible for taking down her nemesis once and for all, but the audience knows that not to be true. Nolan had breakfast with his new bed buddy, and Emily and David started to suspect that Victoria may have set her up, but Ben announced that Vicky left a suicide note. Jack was stunned to learn that Victoria Grayson was killed in an explosion at Grayson Manor which shook Jack to say the least. I mean he just left town, would he be drawn back to the chaos.

Nolan and Emily were left reeling with Victoria’s sudden departure. Emily was none too pleased to see Mason Treadwell pulling strings to get what he wants. If this guy is the new threat, than just knock me unconscious right now, cause he is no Victoria Grayson, not even close. Jack speculated that Emily might have taken out Vicky, but Nolan assured him that was not the case.

Our heroine put her newest plan in motion to clear Mason, who seemed a bit glib about the news; I feel the narrative is getting a bit sloppy now. Margaux and Louise chatted about their loss; these ladies are acting like Vicky was a saint. The ladies suddenly stumbled upon blood and a damaged door, looks like our Queen Bee put a great plan in motion.

Louise staged a scene at Nolan’s workplace accusing her of murdering Victoria. Emily stumbled upon her father attempting to conceal something in the sink. She became worried about her father and them ensuring they had alibi’s as the police honed in on them as targets. Emily was none too happy to have Ben grill her about whereabouts pertaining to Victoria’s death. She attempted to use Mason as an alibi, but he has gone MIA. She was at a loss for words when she came face-to-face with Jack who was back in The Hamptons.

Nolan was taken back when Tony revealed that their relationship was placed on the brakes because of his opportunity to become a father. Just like that it appears are protagonists are reeling from devastating blows this week.

Jack found himself being questioned by his ex-partner Ben, who seems to be determined to take down his ex. He was stunned when he learned that Ben and Emily are no longer an item; she ran to the airport to confess her feelings to him. Emily was left reeling when her father revealed he has cancer. The man she just got back in her life could be taken away from her. Both Margaux and Louise continued to make it their ‘destiny’ to take down Emily; this is crazy from two women who Emily rescued on countless occasions.

Emily learned that Victoria utilized Mason to set her up and sent her a video message indicating that she was framing her. The episode ended with Ben storming into her home and arresting her for Victoria’s murder, just as Jack found himself brought back into the mystery. Ok, just when you think “Revenge” can’t get any better, the series finds a way to hook you again. Until next Sunday “Revenge” lovers!