HOLLYWOOD—Well, damn that was quick on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Ridge and Taylor are the new item, and Brooke and Ridge are over. Yeah, it a heartbreaker, but this is something that has transpired with Ridge and Brooke for years, she cheats on him, he cheats on her, they get back together, only for the same cycle to repeat itself all over again. Yeah, it is indeed tiring, but anyone who has ever watched “B&B” is well aware that Ridge and Brooke are destiny.

Will this happen overnight? I seriously doubt it, but it will indeed happen, it just may be a matter of time before it actually unfolds people. Steffy and Thomas are on cloud nine, so is Taylor, but you know who is NOT happy: Brooke Logan. She is devastated by this latest turn of events and let her fury be known to Taylor during an intense confrontation this week. Yeah, I was happy to see it, because it was apparent the moment Taylor arrived in town she had Ridge on the mind and it was just a certain someone (Sheila Carter), who put the nail in the coffin for Brooke’s relationship with Ridge.

Steffy and Thomas are in for a shock; let’s just say Thomas got the shock first. Sheila has been so giddy about her plan working to perfection. She has let it slip a few times to Taylor that she might have been up to no good. Taylor has picked up on some things, but at the same time for a renowned psychiatrist how Taylor have not pegged Sheila’s actions I will never know.

Back to the big bomb, Thomas got into confrontation with Sheila where he discovered that she was the culprit that caused Brooke to drink by swapping her non-alcoholic champagne with actual alcohol on New Year’s Eve prompting Brooke to drink excessively and share that steamy kiss as a result. Once again, Thomas Forrester received game changing information and what does he decide to do: keep it a secret. This is proving my theory that I pushed for almost 2-3 years. Thomas is not a good guy people, he kept Beth from Hope lied about it, manipulated his son, stalked Hope to no end, led to Emma crashing her car and dying and we’re expected to believe this guy is reformed. No, not in my book America, not a chance people. I absolutely do NOT buy it.

Of course, Thomas knows this information is a game changer and he’s going to share this with Steffy who is going to tell him to stay mum, but if my theory holds tight this is going to push Sheila to want to get closer to Finn and Hayes to keep her lips mum. Guess what, Steffy is going to fold because she wants her family reunited, but then again she may not, and it will raise blinders for Ridge and Taylor to say the least. Things are moving in that direction, just as Hope asked Deacon to plead Brooke’s case to Ridge, realizing his latest stunt has placed a certain amount of heartache on her mom.

What the hell is going on with Carter? First it was Zoe, then it was Quinn, then it was possibly Katie and now it’s Paris. Yeah, Carter’s love life has exploded in the past year or so people. Paris is the new flame of the hour and they consummated their relationship and I wonder how Zende and Grace will feel when they learn about it. Oh, they don’t know about it yet, but you better believe this secret will come to light and it will indeed have some major ramifications people.

In other “B&B” news, we finally saw some other characters on the soap this week, as Bill (he should get a storyline people), Liam and Wyatt (yes that Wyatt) people returned to the canvas. I seriously cannot tell you the last time Wyatt was on the TV screen, it has got to be at least 6 months or a year if not longer. Again, another character with no storyline ever since Sally Spectra left town. Thank God, “Y&R” discovered what a talent Courtney Hope is on the soap and her chemistry with Adam is epic.

It was good with Thomas Forrester and Wyatt Fuller, but neither of them compare to the spark Sally and Adam currently share on “Y&R.” Too bad “B&B” you really lost out on a great character. Oh, by the way Finn returned this week as well. Really odd how Steffy can be married to Finn, yet it seems like we have NOT seen the character in months people, literal months.