HOLLYWOOD—I love to see a character get busted for committing a devious deed. The CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” certainly knows how to ensure those who commit dastardly deeds pay for their crimes. I was certain that Bill Spencer would pull out all the stops to ensure he didn’t lose custody of his son Will, but he never expected Ridge Forrester to have an ace up his sleeve. What was that ace? A family judge, but what is done in the dark eventually comes to light.

Yes, Ridge Forrester found himself in the fire this week, after Brooke did some of her own investigating to discover that her husband committed a federal crime by bribing a judge to rule in Katie’s favor to receive sole custody of her son Will. I’ll be honest; I’m surprised this reveal played out so quickly, because in most situations it would have been stalled a bit for the viewers. Nope, the writers are starting to learn sometimes you can drop a bomb a lot sooner than later because it only fuels more drama for the story.

Brooke was livid when she discovered the truth and lashed out at her husband in a way that I never expected. Ridge did his best to deny, but when Brooke produced the evidence he was forced to face the music. The situation was only worsened by Ridge’s demand that Brooke stay quiet to Katie and Bill about his role in the custody ruling. There is one thing I respect about Brooke Logan; the woman is fierce, she has a mind of her own and very rarely keeps secrets. Let me take that back she is still keeping that secret about Bill setting Spectra Fashions on fire, so I guess it depends on the trajectory that she has planned for the time being.

This secret is important as it will only further fuel the war between Ridge and Bill. Why? Katie is already starting to fell remorse for her decision as she is seeing the bond strengthen between Will and Bill. Yes, Bill has done some bad things, but he is trying to turn over a new leaf. I mean he is even starting to reconcile with Liam, and I never thought that would transpire in a million years America. Steffy seems to be completely out of his orbit, thank God, because I’m so sick of her character being front and center in the storyline department. Let’s put her on the backburner for a bit people, but nope. Steffy sensed trouble in paradise between her father and Bill and she witnessed Bill and Brooke kissing in the Forrester Office!

Brooke has Bill’s sights, and just when you thought Steffy would not be back in the mix, she stumbles upon some information involving Brooke and Bill that she can utilize to her advantage. Perhaps this is Steffy’s way of trying to sock it to Brooke for Hope ruining her marriage to Liam. She should be careful because either way it could ruin Brooke and Ridge’s union, and could Ridge reignite his feelings for Quinn.

I would be interested to see that to say the least, because Quinn has been non-existent to say the least in recent months, at least in the storyline department. Sheila Carter swooped in and swooped back out without so much as a hiccup in the storyline department if you ask me. So as one love triangle ends, another is ignited, but the question we all know is rather Steffy will be loyal to her father or Brooke, I’m hoping Ridge because when he learns what Brooke and Bill have been up to he will flip out.