HOLLYWOOD—There are plenty of odd things taking place on the CBS soap “The Young and the Restless.” For starters, at first, I was under the impression that Victor Newman was declining in health, only to discover it is all a ruse. He is acting like his memory is lapsing and it has caused strife and worry for Victoria, Nick and Adam. Nikki is well aware of Victor’s plan but has yet to disclose to Victoria and Nick what is unfolding. Hmm, I guess she is indeed super loyal to her husband.

My gut tells me this entire plan is for Victor to see who is going to stab him in the back first, but at the same time, I think Victor truly wants to see which of his kids will step up to run the family company. What about Abby? Seems Victor never has her in the mix, even though Abby is indeed the daughter he shares with Ashley. Abby unfortunately has been an afterthought on the soap ever since her tryst with Devon blew up her marriage to Chance.

Adam doesn’t seem like he’s about to go after the company, even though he seems closest to discovering what his father is up to. Nick is perhaps the most concerned about Victor’s health, but it seems Vikki is poised to make the first move to try to reclaim control of her father’s empire, with Nate by her side. That will provide to Victor what he already suspects; his daughter is just as calculating if not more visceral than him. The Newmans should worry because it seems Claire, Nikki’s new assistant has an angle. She gives off the perfect act a little too perfect and she’s been staring at photos of the family and has a file on Victor, Victoria and Nikki. I particularly paid attention to her focus on Victoria. It has me guessing, could Claire be the daughter of Ashland Locke? It would be the perfect ruse to punish the family that took her father’s life people, just saying.

Other family dynamics we must discuss involve the Abbotts and the Winters clan. Jack, Devon, Lily, Billy and Nate have no clue that Mamie and Tucker are working together. Devon suspects it, but hasn’t garnered the evidence to prove it. Jill ABSOLUTELY has her finger on the pulse, but she hasn’t gotten the confirmation she needs to prove her point that Mamie is bad news for Devon and Lily. The siblings are questioning their aunt’s unexpected purchase into the company and her persistence that Nate returns to the family fold.

Sorry, I would not want Nate back at my family business either after what he did. It was just a dirty tactic and proves that he would do anything to get ahead or have power, and for reasons that make no sense. With that said, Mamie and Tucker better be careful with their meetings because someone is going to spot them and connect the dots. The audience still doesn’t know Mamie’s end game, just as Tucker is trying to make his move against Jabot.

How so? With Audra wooing Kyle it looks like she might get him to turn on his family because his father refuses to give him the top position at the company. Kyle, what are you doing?! Jeez, this guy is an idiot and any backlash that comes he absolutely deserves it. You think Tucker and Audra care about you once they get their hands on your grandfather’s company? No, they don’t. However, there are two things Tucker and Audra didn’t expect, 1) Ashley Abbott returning and 2) Phyllis Summers.

Phyllis knows about Tucker and Mamie’s relationship and hasn’t blurted the truth out yet, but I sense she is going to make a move to prove she is a changed woman. With that said, Tucker is trying to re-establish things with Ashley after his talk with Devon, but Ashley is not interested in rekindling the romance, but her return to Genoa City is about to rattle Tucker in ways never expected. His love for her is strong and it’s about to take him off his A-game people.

Lily and Daniel are looking like they are about to take their relationship to new heights, but with Heather moving back to GC that could create some problems down the line. Summer hasn’t had much of a presence the past 2 weeks, but I’m certain that will change very soon, but it looks like the Abbott and Winter war involving Tucker and Audra is about to explode as we near November Sweeps.