HOLLYWOOD—Well, we have an interesting development on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” with the return of a face from the past, one who hasn’t been seen for years. The last time I recall RJ Forrester being on the soap opera he was entangled in a relationship with Sally Spectra’s little sister. Next thing I can recall he was shipped to boarding school. It is a common staple in the soap arena to get rid of a kid or to age them into an adult.

However, RJ is back as an adult and it looks like his presence is about to cause some waves which is a good thing. Why? Well, he is the love child of Brooke and Ridge. Yes, America, RJ is a Logan and Forrester, so not only is he Rick, Hope and Bridget’s brother; he is also the brother of Thomas and Steffy. The latter being the most intriguing. Hope, Rick and Bridget have always embraced RJ; however, I cannot recall the last time Thomas and Steffy ever mentioned RJ. It is like they know he is blood, but they prefer to keep that distance if possible. I don’t think they like the notion of having to be nice to a brother who has a different mother then them.

RJ’s presence is already causing some stress. Brooke and Ridge are ecstatic to have their youngest back in Los Angeles. In addition, Ridge is ready to extend an invitation to RJ to come work for Forrester Creations. Well, he is a Forrester and he should have that opportunity to work for the company business, considering his sister is in charge of operations, his brother is a top designer and his sister has her own line as well. Let the clashing begin because Thomas Forrester is not happy to have his little brother back home, who he refers to his half-brother.

He feels like he has to teeter around RJ and remember Thomas is used to only having to answer to only Steffy, his younger sister, but RJ as his younger brother causes another dynamic. Thomas has someone who might be looking at his behavior and saying, “That’s not cool.” Making the situation worse, is that RJ is putting Thomas on notice about his past actions involving his sister Hope. Yeah, it is so complicated people. Could you imagine Thomas and Hope as an item, because that would mean RJ’s brother is dating his sister, seems kinda icky if I’m honest.

Hope is still struggling with these sudden feelings for Thomas that have come out of nowhere, as Liam is worried sick about his wife and Thomas and has shared his feelings with Steffy who has tried to reassure him (of course she would it is her brother), whereas Wyatt and Bill can see Thomas for who he truly is. I love the notion of Bill going toe-to-toe with Thomas. Do I think it could happen? I don’t know, but with May Sweeps literally less than a week away, and rumor of another face from the past returning to cause some chaos, I have to imagine this will entangle the Logan and Forrester clans.

We do have to also chat a bit about the Katie, Carter and Bill Spencer love triangle. I will admit I loved Katie and Carter being paired, because Bill was suddenly under the thumb of Sheila Carter. Well, the audience has since learned that was a ruse. Katie and Bill shared that intense kiss people and I have to say I like Bill and Katie together; I feel like they belong together and Bill is blunt people. This guy told Katie and Carter face-to-face that he wants her back and he’s fighting for his former wife and the mother of his child. This love triangle is about to explode and I cannot wait to see this unfold.

Few more things worth chatting about, Thomas and RJ don’t seem to like one another, they are indeed cordial, but it is so obvious that I love it. RJ makes Thomas uncomfortable and that will be a fun dynamic to witness. In addition, that whole Taylor and Thomas bonding chat that lasted almost 2 entire episodes was complete filler and absolutely boring as hell. Less of that people, we know Thomas is not happy about RJ being back and if Taylor is so concerned about Brooke and Ridge reuniting, perhaps she should consider a new love interest.

With that said, Sheila Carter might be in the slammer, but she has gotten plenty of visitors, Bill, Deacon, Steffy and I’m sure Finn, Brooke and a host others will pay her a visit. They better be careful this is Sheila Carter people, the worst thing you can do is get underneath her skin. If anything, let this woman rot behind bars, when you poke the bear it will eventually strike back at you when you least expect. I see her striking right around May Sweeps in a way that “Bold and Beautiful” viewers will not see coming.