SANTA MONICA—Rooftop Cinema Club has announced the opening of a brand new drive-in movie theater situated in Santa Monica Airport. The drive-in cinema is due to open on Friday, November 27, and will feature films for adults and children alike.

The new drive-in theatre comes with the foreclosure of many businesses by consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rooftop Cinema Club, itself, has temporarily closed two of its in-person theatre locations in Los Angeles, and has now opened this outdoor cinematic venue as a way to provide meaningful movie-going experiences, while still ensuring safety and adherence to COVID-19 protocols. 

“In hope of providing some relief during these difficult times, Rooftop Cinema Club are proud to announce The Drive-in: a vehicle to escape through the power of film, while still adhering to and respecting the current safety recommendations,” said CEO and founder of Rooftop Cinema Club, Gerry Cottle, in a press release. “We believe this experience will be essential to the times with a focus on safety, value and community.”

Projected onto a 52-foot movie screen, the drive-in flicks will screen at night, Wednesday through Sunday, and will initiate with a ‘We Love LA’ movie series. The series will feature Los Angeles based classics ranging from Friday to Clueless, and will conclude with Love and Basketball on November 29th. 

Afterward, Christmas themed movies, such as Elf and A Nightmare before Christmas, will take the fore-front. Movies geared toward a more mature-audience, such as Scream and Die Hard, are expected to enter the set of programs as well.

“When watching a film in a cinema full of people, there is an energy and a feeling of magic in the air that can only come from the presence of other humans – watching what you’re watching, seeing what you’re seeing,” the press release read. “You may not have the audience next to you, but we are confident that this nostalgic environment of everybody in their cars, hearing the ambient noise of people responding in the distance will be just as blissfully satisfying. In these moments, we will be dreaming together.”

The drive-in experience will be completely contactless, with sanitation regulations, social distancing, and COVID-19 safety protocols all enforced. All patrons will be made to watch the movie within their vehicle and wear masks at all times when exiting to pick up concessions or use the restroom.

“Our number one priority is our guests’ and team’s safety and wellbeing. That’s why our services are entirely contactless. All ticket and concession purchases are made online. Vehicles will be parked 10 feet apart. Sanitation solutions will be available on site, and team members will wear masks and routinely change gloves.” per the press release.

Tickets start at $30 dollars and can go up to $45 dollars depending on vehicle occupancy and screening times. 

All ages are welcome.

To purchase tickets and/or learn more, click here