UNITED STATES—What is going on in the country of the United States? It seems like the fuse for so many Americans is very short-lived. What do I mean? People are just damn rude and it bugs me to the core. I mean this past weekend, I happened to be running some errands before work and I just couldn’t believe the level of toxicity and blatant disrespect for the everyday person. Look, I’m not talking about customer service because that is another issue that we do not have time to even discuss.

I’m talking about simple stuff, like if you see someone walking behind you as you’re entering an establishment; you hold the door for them. That for example happened to me where I held the door for someone and I didn’t even get a freaking “Thank You.” Like how rude can you be! On the flipside I was entering an establishment behind someone and they spotted me because they turned around and you know what they did, they didn’t even hold the door.

What happened to common courtesy in this country? No one is that damn busy where they can’t utter 2 words or hold a door for a few extra seconds. However, those things are minor hiccups to what perhaps peeves me to the core is people explicitly walking super slow preventing others from moving around them. Look, people are free to walk at their own space, but DO NOT absorb all the walking space as you and a pal talk at your leisure.

You don’t own the public space, so move to the side so that others can move past you. You would be surprised at the level of people, who do this, and I hate to say this, but I see it more with women than men. Like 90 percent of the time it is women who walk without any care in the world. People can come at me for this, but I don’t care I’m explaining what I have examined. However, there is nothing that frustrates me more than rude people at a restaurant.

Be patient when you know a restaurant is pumping with business. You will get your food, but if you’re in a massive hurry to eat and you know this place is busy perhaps you should visit another establishment. In addition, it would be a good idea to tip. I just cannot understand the logic in people not tipping. If you’re eating out you should be tipping people. If you cannot afford to tip, I don’t think you should be eating out if I have to be perfectly honest here.

Giving spare change as a tip is a slap in the face to the waiter or waitress. They rely on those tips for their livelihood, so you should be willing to give a little. Now this trend of over tipping at places where a tip is not warranted I have no problem letting it be known a tip is not happening because I’m not getting a service people. I ordered carryout, I’m not dining at the actual establishment people.

Let’s talk about the rudest thing a person can do, SPEAK LOUDLY on their cellphone in public spaces. Someone did this in the past week and it was so cringe and annoying. Look, I don’t want to hear your entire got damn conversation. I don’t want to know your life story and why are you screaming thru the phone for the entire world to know exactly what you’re doing.

It just so disturbs the energy with that chaotic volume that I think people know everyone can hear and what they’re saying, they just could care less about it, which says a lot about them. If you need to shout while you’re on the phone, perhaps you should be in a confined space where everyone cannot hear you. I can go on and on, about all the rude things people do on a daily basis, but the task for the week is to consider behaviors you do that you know are rude and reflect on why you’re doing them. If it is intentional? That is a problem, if you’re unaware, guess what you can fix it!

Written By Jason Jones