HOLLYWOOD—Megan DiMera I tell people all the time, she is the best villain on “Days of Our Lives” in a very long time. She is cunning, quick-witted and subtle with her antics. She has kidnapped both EJ and Kristen and are holding them against their will in the DiMera tunnels people. I don’t understand why people don’t just search the tunnels whenever someone they care about Salem goes missing because this is where everyone ends up, unless you’re Abe Carver (we’ll talk more about that later).

EJ was not pleased at what his sister did to him, and when Kristen found him, he clued her on what Megan has planned to Stefan. Kristen untied her brother, only to come face-to-face with Megan who is now keeping her hostage as well. Kristen and EJ are both realizing that Megan is quite dangerous and will have to be dealt with sooner than later.

Why? I expect Megan’s plans are to kill Stefan DiMera, but there is going to be a major hiccup and I think it will be Gabi Hernandez. Why? The viewers know that Camila Banus will be exiting the soap in the coming months and my gut is telling me a major death is coming to Salem that will rock the canvas and I think Gabi will be the casualty in a way that leaves fans stunned.

Remember how we all felt about Stefan when Lani shot him and Gabi had to struggle with donating his hear to Julie who was dying. I feel Gabi will die trying to protect Stefan as Li and Megan’s little soiree will blow up massively in both of their faces. Oh, this is going to be a great narrative that is building the pieces as we speak America.

Do I speak Kristen and EJ to escape soon? Or course because the viewers know Megan is exiting the soap soon as well. I mean she is planning to utilize Harris to commit her crime, but Harris has other plans courtesy of Kate to take out a major threat. Yeah, Megan, you’re making plenty of plans, unaware that plans are being made against you as well. Harris had to play referee between Megan and Shawn who has become a drunk after shooting Bo and placing his own father in a coma.

Belle cannot help her hubby, but someone is going to have to step in to help Shawn see the light. Megan got the upper hand drugging Harris. He is now in the hands of Dr. Rolf who is planning to reprogram him to do Megan’s bidding to kill Stefan. Another issue is the fact that Megan knows Kate hired Harris to eliminate her. Oh, this war is going to be major fun.

Brady, Chloe, Xander and Sarah are all missing their significant other. There is one little secret that will change it all: Sarah’s pregnancy. She is carrying Xander’s child, which Bonnie and Justin both know and are on edge about lying to Xander. Xander admitted to Chloe he still lingers for Sarah, as she does for Brady. Brady still lingers for Chloe, just as Sarah still lingers for Xander as she confessed to Rex. Rex is a good guy for staying by Sarah’s side in perhaps a crazy situation.

All I can say is Sarah better not return to Salem anytime soon. If she does she would have plenty of explaining to do and if she comes with child in hand, EVEN if she tries to sell Rex is the father, anyone with a brain would be able to connect the dots that there is a strong chance Xander is the father people. Speaking about babies, Nicole is worried about EJ who ghosted her during an important doctor’s appointment. Well he’s captive that is the primary reason, but Sloan knows a big secret: Eric is likely the father of Nicole’s baby and she’s rushing to hold onto Eric by getting preggers.

Yeah, if the truth comes out, Sloan knows she’s losing Eric quicker than she can count to three. Sloan is dealing with Colin and all his shenanigans. He’s headed to the slammer for a long time, just as Talia tries to broker a deal thanks to Belle. Paulina and Chanel are considering forgiving Talia realizing her antics were the result of being emotionally abused by her ex, which is true people!

This brings us to Nurse Whitley who is holding Abe hostage at her apartment and feeding him a bunch of crazy lies about his marriage and his son. This woman is bonkers because she hired someone to play Theo who just happened to be in town to visit family and search for Abe. No luck there, but if there is anyone who is going to crack the case it looks like Detective Eli.

Yeah, the writers really screwed up letting Sal Stowers and Lamon Archey go from the soap. They were fantastic actors and there is so much to do with their characters. With that said Eli suspects something is off with Whitley and I feel like he is going to be the one to solve the mystery of where his father-in-law will be, which will put a smile on Paulina’s face who has been devastated as of late. Whitley had Jerry who she hired to portray Abe’s son, plant blood of Abe’s at the dock, so now Eli, Jada, Rafe and the others suspect he has died. Will Abe be found, when will he be found and by whom? My money is Eli people!

Eli wasted no time jumping into that water people. Speaking of Jada and Rafe, they did the deed so this romance is indeed blossoming to new heights and I like it. The question that remains is will there be any blow back when the truth comes out.

Chad and Stephanie are looking to take the next step in their relationship by moving in together, especially after Chad took of his wedding ring to Abigail. In addition, he is contemplating a business offer at Titan courtesy of Maggie. Dimitri is wooing Gwen right off her feet, even though Leo has warned her to be careful. Leo is right for once because Dimitri just wants to marry her to gain his inheritance. How will Gwen react to learning she has been duped people? Not sure, but this is definitely a woman you do not want to scorn on “Days of Our Lives!”