WEST HOLLYWOOD—On September 9, the City of West Hollywood provided a public service announcement on safety measures that are important for individuals to follow when traveling on foot.

West Hollywood reminds pedestrians that even though walking is a good source of exercise, it is to their benefit to be cautious when travelingoutside.  This public reminder is part of the City’s continuing Public Safety Commission campaign to educate individuals about public safety.

The following safety tips are strongly advised for pedestrians:

1)     Always walk on the sidewalk.  If no sidewalk is available and it is necessary to walk on the road, always be sure to walk against traffic, not with traffic.  This will make it possible for you to see any vehicle traveling towards you.

2)    Wear clothing that makes you visible to motorists.  If you wear brightly colored clothing it will be easier for drivers to see you during the day.  During the night, wear special reflective material on your shoes, cap, or jacket to reflect the headlights of vehicles traveling towards you.

3)    Obey all traffic laws.  Make sure you have knowledge of these laws and to cross only at designated street corners or crosswalks.

The City also provides the following tips for pedestrians when crossing streets:

1)    Cross only at corners or marked crosswalks.

2)    Stop at the curb or at the edge of the road.

3)    Stop and look left, right and then left again before entering the street.

4)    If you spot a vehicle, allow it to pass by.  Then look left, right and left again until you see no other cars coming.

5)    Before you step onto the street, make eye contact with any drivers that stop at the street corner.

6)    If you see a car parked at the street you are crossing, be sure that there is no driver inside the vehicle.  Then walk to the edge of the car and make sure to look left, right and left again until you are sure no other cars are on the street.  However, continue to look for cars even while you are crossing.  Make sure to walk, not run.

7)    Remember to teach children the look left-right-left technique in crossing streets.  Remind them to cross only at designated crossings, and tell them about the dangers of entering traffic mid-block or from between parked vehicles.  Warn children to never run out into traffic.

For further information, call the Public Safety Division at 323-848-6414 or the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station at 310-855-8850.