SANTA MONICA— On August 25, Santa Monica’s Interim City Manager and Director of Emergency Services Lane Dilg issued a twenty-fourth supplement regarding the coronavirus.

This new supplement extends Santa Monica’s local emergency declaration and all associated orders to September 30 and formally prohibits large gatherings.

Now, individuals will be held responsible for holding large gatherings of 20 people or more. Violations are punishable as a misdemeanor or by administrative citation. The supplement also allows the City to turn off water service at locations where this rule isn’t being followed.

Administrative penalties are set at $500 for a first violation, $750 for a second violation, and $1,000 for a third violation committed within one year. Property owners, tenants, landlords, managers of properties, and party organizers all count as the “responsible persons” for having large gatherings.

The eviction moratorium for commercial tenant 1s will also be extended until September 30.

“We are making progress toward recovery following the mid-July surge in COVID-19 cases. Recovery depends on all of us remaining vigilant, especially as we approach a holiday weekend when it can be tempting to gather,” said Interim City Manager Lane Dilg. “Return to school and to our civic life requires each of us to make smart choices every day. Private events that violate public health rules designed to put us back on track will be subject to fines and other enforcement action in Santa Monica.”

There is also still a fine of $100 for not wearing a face covering in public areas.

The City of Santa Monica has recorded 744 total COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic.