SANTA MONICA—On April 11, the California Coastal Commission approved the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program at a hearing held in Santa Barbara, CA. The hearing was held at the Hyatt Santa Barbara located on1111 East Cabrillo Boulevard, the hearing began at 8:30 a.m.

A draft of the 155 page plan titled ‘Santa Monica Land Use Plan’ was released on February 13. According to the Heal the Bay’s blog, the plan was supported by Heal the Bay, Los Angeles Waterkeeper, California Coastal Protection Network, Malibu Surfing Association, Mountains Restoration Trust, Surfrider Foundation, Las Virgenes Homeowners Federation and other landowners to wanted to be able to provide a safe habitat to the many creatures that are native to the area and the beautification of the scenery.

The purpose of the plan was to establish a plan on how to deal with the Santa Monica Mountain territory. The plan consisted of two items: the Land Use Plan (LUP) and the Land Implementation Plan (LIP.) According to the Santa Monica Mountains Local Coastal Program provided by Los Angeles County’s Department of Regional Planning, the LIP’s purpose is to enforce the LUP.

The Coastal Commission and Los Angeles County will discuss how to deal with 52,000 acre area in June.