SANTA MONICA—Santa Monica’s Expo Line Terminus is receiving a makeover by next spring, which will connect the impending Expo Light Rail Station, located at 4th Street and Ocean Avenue. The new feature will include connections between the Downtown Expo Light Rail Station, Tongva Park, Santa Monica Pier, Civic Center and Downtown Districts.

Colorado Esplanade 2
Rendering of the Expo Line terminus.

Features of the promenade instillation will include various artworks along the way and feature hotels, such as the Marriot and Hampton Inn, located just steps away from the Expo Terminus, along with 20-30 inch sidewalks that will be designed to accommodate the number of pedestrians entering and leaving the light rail station.

Construction of the hotels will begin in the spring, according to OTO, a hotel development firm, as to align with the construction of the Light Rail Expo as well as the new promenade.

Improved pedestrian mobility and safety will be the standout feature of the new walkway, as well as clearing out the cluttered roadways of Main and 2nd Street.

Canyon News reached out to Sarah Lejeune, the project manager of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, to confirm the status of the new system. As of right now, the project, that will be about 2 to 3 miles long, is now underway and is set to be completed by spring 2016. The exact date of completion of the feature has yet to be confirmed.

Designed by Peter Walker Partners, landscape architects who have built various monumental structures at sights such as the National 9/11 Memorial and the Barangaroo Waterfront, located in Sydney, Australia, the project will have their stamp such as various framing trees and festive lighting at night.

The new walkway will house bike lanes, as well as pedestrian-friendly walk lanes, and will provide ample safety to various facilities and key sites around the city.

It is confirmed that users of the terminus will gain a heightened experience and easier access from Santa Monica to Downtown Los Angeles.