HOLLYWOOD—I am so happy to finally see Sasha Gilmore escape the treacherous Gladys Corbin and Dr. Montangue on “General Hospital.” They have been manipulating a woman who was grieving the loss of her husband and son, and stealing her money in the process. I had a sense that the writers were pushing a Cody and Sasha pairing when the sparks didn’t ignite with Dr. Britt. Those two didn’t click, but Cody clicks with Sasha people.

He infiltrated Ferncliff and managed to escape the facility and fled to a cabin to allow Sasha to detox. This all led to Cody revealing Gladys is in cahoots with her doctor and has been stealing her money to handle her gambling debts with Selina Wu. Yes, it is something that has taken Sasha for a loop and the downfall of Gladys Corbin is fast-approaching us and it will be glorious TV. I do fear for Gladys when it comes to Sonny and what he does when he learns what his family member has been up to.

With that said, Sam and Dante also pieced together a few clues, and I wish Dante would be utilized more as a character. It seems like he serves the sole goal of being the cop on the soap opera and that’s just about it. Similar to Chase, he’s just there. He has Brooke Lynn, but there is not much more beyond that. I mean he still doesn’t know Gregory is ill, and Finn hasn’t spilled that tea to his brother, which I don’t understand why. Hell, he should be livid over Brook Lynn’s deception. Nope. However, Brook Lynn has torched her relationship with Maxie who confronted her about that duplicity, and Lucy is also done with her. As for her job with the company, that is over, and I must say, “You reap what you sow.”

Let’s talk about Deception because a new face arrived in Port Charles, Blair Kramer (Kassie DePaiva), who is Martin’s ex-wife. He stole the idea of the Deceptor from Blair and tweaked it a bit for Lucy. So yeah that lawsuit is quite potent and legit, and Blair is willing to toss it, if Martin marries Lucy. Why that means the $50,000 a month alimony payment she has been making stops. Yeah, Martin, I think this is wise to do before Lucy finds out you duped her, which will only heighten her hatred for you.

I love that “GH” is bringing characters from its sister soaps “One Life to Live” and “All My Children.” I would love to see a few more faces as well people. We must discuss Sonny Corinthos because he has posted bail, and is out and putting the pieces together to attempt to figure who is targeting him and his family. Um, it’s Cyrus Renault, and Drew is feeding intel to Carly and Sonny inside the prison. How so? Spying on Austin and Mason, because Austin failed to realize he was spotted inside the prison by Carly and Sam and the dots are being connected.

Something tells me as we near November Sweeps a major murder is about to erupt on “GH” and I feel like Austin is going to be it. Why? The walls are closing in on him. Once Ava discovers he has been hiding Nikolas all this time and knew who the threat was and kept her out the loop that is unforgiveable to this woman who has killed before and will do it again. I mean that scene where she confessed how losing Kiki devastated her, gave me an odd feeling. Not to mention the guilt on Austin’s face said it all.

Nikolas was planning to head to Europe to prove to Laura that he is alive. I don’t know what it is with Nikolas lying about being alive to his loved ones, like his mother and his son, Spencer. Speaking of Spencer, he’s attempting to make an amends with Trina by spending more time with her, which I think is irking Esme a bit. Kind of over the Esme, Spencer, Trina, Joss and Dex plotlines; they just are not giving people. However, there is a tale that has me quite intrigued, Anna’s stalker. Why? Things have intensified in a major way. Another threat emerged while Anna was staying at the Metro Court, where her room was trashed and a menacing message was written on a mirror.

It does indeed have Anna on edge and more concerned about her safety and rightfully so. Valentin was determined to get to the core of who is threatening the woman he loves and Nina was able to view footage from the Metro Court surveillance system and they both got a stunner on the camera. Who is that stunner? Do I have to make you guess? It was Charlotte. Charlotte has always been a nefarious one, so I’m not surprised what she is up to, but it seems like she has an ax to grind with Anna that I have not been able to put my finger on. Is it because she placed her father in mortal danger with Victor Cassadine? Possible, but is that worth going to prison for?