UNITED STATES—Why are we as Americans not preparing for our future more? It is a disturbing trend, but we must understand now is the time to save because with inflation and so many other things on the rise currently that issue has to be fixed NOW and NOT later. The price of goods are not going down they are going up and continuing to rise.

Have you been to the grocery store? It is so frustrating to see the price/cost of food nowadays. Quite frankly it is ridiculous, yet we as Americans are still spending like there is no tomorrow, but guess what there is tomorrow. You may not be promised it (that is something I think we all know all too well), but for most of us we’ll see tomorrow and you want to be prepared for it people. Time to start thinking about that 401K, that IRA, that savings account, stocks and bonds, investments and so many other opportunities to save funds.

Money is an odd commodity because everyone wants it, and we will do almost anything to get more of it, but at the same time we find ways to spend it as quick as we obtain it. My parents have a saying, “That money is burning a hole in your pocket.” It was there way of saying I couldn’t resist spending the money that I had, and as a kid and a young adult I thought nothing of it.

However, as you get older and start to realize there are things that you want to achieve and accomplish, it becomes a realization that you have to do more and save more to have those things to live a sustaining life. Maintaining a house because there will always be unexpected expenses that arise that you have to pay for. You also have to worry about bills. As long as you live you will always have bills that have to be paid people. They will not just vanish and disappear into thin air. Can you cut down some of your bills? Absolutely, but they will always be there.

There is no worse feeling then getting paid after a long week, two weeks or month of work and realizing everything is gone because you spent a little more than you expected and now you’re flat broke after the bills are taken care of. That is not a good feeling at all America, but that is a direct result of you not saving a bit of money from the previous paycheck or previous weeks you would NOT be in that situation people. We were not thinking about the future, and because of that you’re now in that odd pickle that you hoped to not be placed into America.

So what can you do to change that mentality and stress? You put a little away each week or each time you get paid. Ten percent is a decent amount, or whatever you can afford to stash from your net pay is the benefit people. When that money adds up, you’re able to purchase that big ticket item that you have been eyeing and not be concerned as to rather you have enough money. It also gives you the opportunity to understand the importance of delayed gratification compared to instant gratification. We live in this world where we want everything fast and in a hurry.

Money teaches us a valuable lesson: patience is virtue. Saving is not easy, but it has more benefits in the long run than you can imagine.