WEST HOLLYWOOD— A pop-up diner in memory of the classic sitcom “Saved by the Bell” announced its return to Los Angeles for a five-day event on August 14.

Saved By The Max, which debuted in Chicago back in 2016 before setting up a pop-up in California, opened its ticket sales Friday morning at 10 A.M. for its L.A. location. The event, which will be held from August 20 through August 25 will play homage to the sitcom.

The company kicks-off the event on what they have created as “Save by the Bell” day in remembrance to the sitcom originally airing on August 20, 1989. The show, which followed a group of high school students and their principle, aired for four seasons and ended in 1993. The show was named one of the “20 Best School Shows of all Time” by AOL TV.

Each person will receive a “Bayside Preppy Pack” that comes fully bayside branded and includes a world famous Bayside Burger with Home of The Tigers Tater Tots and special SBTB Day 2020 commemorative item. A selection of sides such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and limited time Safer At Home inspired kits can be purchased with the pack.

Tickets can be purchased through the company’s website and run for $22 per person. Prepaid pick-up is offered for parties of four or less or tickets can be delivered using Doordash services.

The company also advertises, “Space is limited for this short run! Book your pick up time in advance and step into the halls of Bayside for a safe and socially distanced seamless Interactive Pick up accompanied by memorable SBTB inspired photo moments!”

The event will be in West Hollywood at 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard as well as two other pop-ups in Chicago and New York. The L.A. location will offer patio seating for the event.