HOLLYWOOD—I will admit people the fact that the trial of the century as I would call it on “General Hospital” has been thrilling as hell to watch. Will Trina go down in flames for a crime she did not commit? Well with people like Sonny Corinthos in your corner and Curtis, Portia and Jordan willing to bend the rules for the ‘right’ verdict to come out even if it means breaking  the law. I mean Sonny had Dex tamper with Trina’s jury to ensure the right verdict came out in court.

Portia, Jordan and Curtis caused a scene at the hospital that allowed Portia to inject Oz with that drug hoping to force him out of his coma, and guess what: it worked! Oz was a bit wheezy, but well aware that Esme was responsible for his brush with death. As a result, Portia tried to coerce a confession, but Oz would NOT speak without an attorney present. However, Diane’s ploy to get Oz to testify delaying the jury’s verdict, was a no go as the verdict, but that was until Robert Scorpio pulled some strings, got Oz to identify Esme as the person he sold the phone to and Trina was found NOT GUILTY.

Everyone was ecstatic, but now Trina has to choose is it Rory or Spencer who has her heart? Also Dex pulled that piece of paper from the jury foreman, but the audience has yet to know EXACTLY what the verdict was, I assume she was found GUILTY, but it looks like that tampering is no grata considering Robert’s new evidence.

Watch out people between the flirting between Dex and Josslyn. She caught his eye, and he caught her eye. Cameron already suspects something off about the guy, and Cameron should be right because I can see a romance or at least a fling transpiring between Michael’s mole and Sonny’s new right-hand man people. The writers are hinting at it and I know something is going to transpire before Dex being Michael’s spy blows up and Sonny is forced to take out a supposed ally.

Nina and Carly, these two women are indeed mortal enemies now people and things got intense as a physical fight erupt between the women. With Willow getting confirmation that she does indeed have leukemia it is just a matter of time before Carly is forced to spill the truth about Nina being Willow’s mother as death nears for the woman pregnant with her second grandchild. Drew and Carly continue to dance around their relationship as the spark continues to build and build people. Willow is going to have to tell Michael because she’s preggers and this is about to be a fight for her life.

A spark is building between Cody and Britt as well, as the audience got a shock: Cody is Scotty Baldwin’s son with Dominque! Yeah, I did NOT expect that twist at all, but it was a welcome one and just weaves another interesting tale for Cody to remain in Port Charles and pursue Britt, who FYI, Spinelli has a crush on. Yeah, Maxie is now aware of what Spinelli has been up to, but she is so focused on Austin she has no idea that her new lover is keeping some major secrets people.

With that said, Liz is still hiding secrets from her past that Finn is desperate to expose, he is indeed getting closer at the realization that her repressed memories have something to do with her childhood. Nikolas is feeling the pressure by Victor who knows his nephew is keeping secrets when it comes to Esme Prince and her sudden disappearance. Ava railed into Nikolas about his betrayal and Victor knows that there is trouble in paradise, which prompted Nikolas to confess that Esme is dead.

There is just one problem: Nikolas is not certain on that claim people. Anna is using Martin to find out what secrets Valentin is keeping from her, just as Drew proposed an opportunity to make a strike against his foe, but Valentin seemed to warn that is NOT a good idea as he is speaking from personal experience. Whoever Victor is threatening has Valentin willing to go above and beyond to protect them from his father, so I’ll be eager to learn the exact goal that Victor has long-term that seems to still be under wraps after months of speculation.

However, Victor and Nikolas had other matters to deal with as Jordan showed up to Cassadine Island with a warrant to search the place for any evidence on Esme. Perhaps a good thing that Nikolas spilled to Victor, who has powerful people in many places. Things are getting intriguing “GH” fans!